Cancer Musicians with the Same Birthday (so They Should Collaborate)

Cancer Zodiac Sign Musicians

Cancer musicians are a common topic around here (along with every other zodiac sign). I've listed every Cancer here, and talked about being a Cancer musician here. Today I'm going to just list Cancer musicians who have the same birthday, and imagine a collab between the two. Some would be great, some would probably be horrible, but it's fun to imagine them. Sometimes, someone has already[...]


How to Add Orchestral Instruments Into Your Song for Cinematic Effect

Orchestral Instruments VSTs

Orchestral instruments can add a lovely element to your song and make it shine. Today's post is a guest post from Graeme Rattray from HomeStudioLabs.com - Please see his bio at the end! I appreciate his hard work and want to thank him and Home Studio Labs! In this article, we are going to look at how to add Orchestral Instruments into your song using Orchestral VST plugins. For this ar[...]


Gemini Musicians With the Same Birthday (So They Should Collaborate)

Gemini Musicians Who Should Collab

Gemini musicians are a common theme on this blog. I listed every Gemini musician ever here, and I talked about how Geminis can use their signs to help their music careers here. Are zodiac signs real? I have no idea and I don't really care. I just like reading about it and I thought it would be interesting to see who has the same birthdays and what a collab would sound like! *This post[...]


Feature on Glimmertown Radio Podcast

Glimmertown Radio Podcast

Glimmertown Radio is doing a series on "Music & Astrology" with artists separated into their respective signs. They let me know they used my zodiac posts as inspiration and I wanted to share their work with you. For those of you who don't know/care about astrology: Signs are divided into elements (earth, water, air and fire). As a Virgo, I am an "Earth" sign. If you don't know abou[...]


How to Write a Chorus or Hook for a Song

How to Write a Song Chorus

The chorus, also called "hook" or "refrain," is, in my opinion, the easiest part of the song to write. Think about it: you only have to write it once, and then a third of the song is done. The verses are where you tell the story and explain yourself. The chorus is where you hammer the main point home. Your chorus can also be absolute nonsense. Everything from "baby" a thousand times[...]


Every Hanson Single Ranked from Worst to Best

Hanson Singles

Hanson has been around since I was a young child. "MMMBop" was everywhere, whether you loved it or hated it. I'm not ashamed to say (now) that I loved it. Surely you remember these adorable kids: via GIPHY What you may not realize, however, is that Hanson is still a band with an active fanbase. The band is comprised of three brothers: Isaac, Taylor and Zac, and they each have around[...]


Voice Actor Tips – My Interview on The Crafty Musician

The Crafty Musician Mella Barnes Interview

Voice actor tips are all over the internet, but I don't write about voice acting a ton here. Luckily, The Crafty Musician gave me a great opportunity to discuss it with them! I've been on The Crafty Musician before (you can see that here), and I'm happy to be back. Check out my voice actor interview on The Crafty Musician here! Thanks so much to The Crafty Musician for reaching out[...]


Taurus Musicians with the Same Birthday (Who Should Collaborate)

Taurus musicians are a common topic on my blog (as are every other zodiac sign). I have every Taurus musician listed here. I also have a post on how to thrive as a Taurus musician here. Today we're just talking about Taurus musicians who have the same birthday and thinking about how they should collab. Feel free to make any mashups of any of these! *This post contains affiliate links[...]


How to License Your Music: A Simple Guide For Beginners

The Beginner's Guide to Licensing Music

My guest post today is from Charles Vallena, who wrote for me before (check out a list of important music terms here). I'm excited to have him back! Have you ever wondered how you can make money with your music?  If getting the right compensation for your musical work has ever crossed your mind, you may want to get to know more about music licensing. The permission to have your[...]


Aries Musicians Born on the Same Day

Mella Music Aries Musicians

Aries musicians are a big deal on my site. Aries runs from March 20 (or 21, I keep finding conflicting info) through April 19th. This is actually the first sign in the zodiac, despite starting in March. They are known as "the Ram" and affiliated with the Fire element. Dynamic and courageous, you may not think they would be good in a collaboration. However, Aries can be counted on when the[...]