How to Finish Those Damn Songs: 6 Songwriting Tips for Slackers

You *want* to work on your songs, you really do. You're just so busy, and you don't know where to start, and you have so many half-finished ones that you're not sure what to work on first. This is something every musician deals with, myself included. I'm giving myself advice here and I'll be taking this challenge along with you. Whether you're an artist yourself or a behind-the-scenes[...]


Guest Quote: Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

Advice for Female Entrepreneurs

Goodwall Blog was kind enough to feature me in their article, 25 Inspiring Quotes & Business Tips from Female Entrepreneurs. Here is the full article, there are a lot of great tips here! If you want to just see mine, here is my quote: I want to focus specifically on musicians here for a minute: Musicians: Stop Doing Things You're Not Good At. You're Hurting Your Songs! Wh[...]


Alto Session Singers: Where to Find Them and How to Become One

Common Problems for Alto Voices

Today’s topic is the all-important Alto. Instruments can be Altos as well (such as a saxophone), but in my book, I referenced Toni Braxton. I've loved her since I was a kid and if you don't know her work, please check her out if you love amazing R&B! Toni Braxton actually has an incredible range (I know because I own all of her albums) but I used her as an Alto example because I thi[...]


Buy the Best Mic: The Ultimate Guide to Vocal Microphones

Complete Info on Vocal Microphones

I have a guest post today from Dave Tudor, owner of https://makingmusicpro.com. He gives us an incredible, in-depth look at vocal microphones today and I'm happy to have him! As a session singer, I use pretty much exclusively vocal microphones. Whatever type of musician you are, vocal microphones are sure to come across your path at some point. I think you'll love this post, whether you'r[...]


How Therapy Can Help Musicians With Mental Health

How musicians can use therapy to improve their art

Today's guest post is by Better Help, an online therapy platform I myself have used. Although this is a sponsored post, I would not endorse something I don't believe in or haven't tried myself. Everyone needs therapy, but musicians especially might need help with this. Musicians are feelers. If you are in the music industry and you’re expressing yourself through this medium, you’r[...]


A Complete Guide to Musical Accompaniment

A guide to musical accompaniment

Today begins the first day I go through my list of terms in my book to explain them in greater detail. I’m going to *try* to do this weekly, but go easy on me because I might not actually do that. First up: Accompaniment! What is it, when do you need it, and why do you need to know it?   What is Musical Accompaniment? The accompaniment is basically the “backup” to th[...]


8 Singing Tips for Bad Singers

8 Tips for People Who Can't Sing

Okay, so you're not the next Kelly Clarkson. You may not even be the next William Hung. When the universe was handing out singing talents, you were in the bathroom. All of that would be fine, except you're here reading this for a reason. Maybe you have a performance coming up that you can't get out of, or maybe you just reeeeeally wish you could sing. Whatever your reason, I'm going to gi[...]


Music Marketing: The Best [and Worst] Ways to Promote Your Music

Best and Worst Music Marketing Strategies

Music marketing is often overly-complicated and easy to get wrong. Many artists still don't market their music, under the (completely false) assumption that "good music markets itself." I decided to test a variety of music marketing strategies to see what would work. I found this article by Yael Keon called "54 Ways to Promote Your Small Business for Free." Musicians don't often consi[...]


7 Important Self-Care Tips for Struggling Songwriters and Musicians

Self care tips for Creatives

As a basic white millennial bitch, "self-care" to me means painting my nails while watching Harlots on Hulu. But let's peel away the commercialism and focus on self-care, specifically for those of us in the music industry. I'm going to try all of these and I encourage you to do the same! Let's care for ourselves and each other! Self Care for Musicians If you're reading this,[...]


Guest Quote About Music in Detroit – Reader’s Digest

Reader's Digest Music Article

Growing up with my grandparents, they ALWAYS had Reader's Digest magazines around the house. I liked them because in my small hands, the tiny magazine looked like a normal-sized book. I also liked the cartoons (even though I rarely understood them) and the bland jokes that were safe enough for both me and my grandparents to laugh. The old copies never got thrown away; they were small enou[...]