Are My Songs Good? Where to Get Your Songs Reviewed

Where to get songs reviewed

In my career as a session singer, I often hear clients say they're nervous about whether or not their song is even good. You can work with all the pros in the world, but if the song itself is bad, there's not much we can do. So, how do you know if your songs are good? This is largely subjective, so it's hard to say. Think about every top song on the charts right now, and how many peopl[...]


Italian Music: A Brief History of the Music of Italy

Italian Music History - The Music of Italy

We're nearing the end of my project, but if you're new here, here's a quick recap: I tested my DNA to see what countries make up my ethnicity, and now I'm researching those countries' music. 23 and Me keeps changing the percentage of my ethnicity, so it's been interesting keeping track of it. My results now are slightly different than my originals, but my Italian percentage is sma[...]


I Took a Class to Learn Singing Harmonies

How to Learn Singing Harmonies

Singing harmonies has always been somewhat of a struggle for me. As a session musician, this is literally part of my job, so that's a problem. My typical process for harmonies would be as follows: Guess at singing something that sounds goodUpon review, realize that I sang a 4th and not a 3rd or 5th (I ALWAYS do this for some reason)Either completely scrap the first harmony, or try to s[...]


This Guy Sued Taylor Swift, Wrote a Book About it and Slammed My Colleagues

Why I Sued Taylor Swift book review

"Why I Sued Taylor Swift" is bad in its own right, but I have several personal bones to pick with it. If you're not familiar with Russell Greer, here are a few key points to bring you up to speed. He sued America's Got Talent for not accepting his audition, claiming it was because of his disability (here is the audition). He has a long history of suing various people, including Farrah[...]


A Brief History of Balkan Music

A (Very) Brief History of Balkan Music

We are nearing the end of my DNA project (you can see the beginning here). I've gone through most of my DNA results and researched the music of where I'm from, and the Balkans are a very small percentage of it. If you want to see others, I've done Hungary, Germany, France, Norway and many others. Many countries make up the Balkans, and because it's such a small part of my ethnicity (about[...]