How to Earn a Profit with Streaming Services

Tips for making money on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal

Today's guest post is from Noel at Consumers' Advocate. Please see his author bio below! Thanks so much to Noel and Consumers' Advocate for being here today! Tips About Streaming Services Quick Note: If you aren't sure how streaming services work, here is a post Consumer Advocate wrote on Justine Perry's site about steaming basics! These days, there are plenty of streaming se[...]


How to Turn Your Poetry into Music Lyrics

Tips for Poetry Writers to turn Poems into Lyrics

I often hear people say that “lyrics are just poems put to music,” but I disagree. Whenever I hear a poet speaking, their words seem much different than anything I could write to a song. It’s as if the absence of melody requires them to take bolder chances, to read and speak in a different way than if they were to sing. Let's say you're a poet interested in having your poem turned i[...]


Interview with Sciarra for B Squared Magazine

I interviewed pop/EDM artist Sciarra here on my blog a while ago and I loved her insights into social media and making fan connections. I recently started working with B Squared magazine and they asked me to interview an artist with a large social media following. Of course, Sciarra came to mind immediately! Please check out her interview here, and thanks to B Squared for having bo[...]


What Would Most Help Your Music Career Right Now?

Music Career Quiz

We're done with the first month of 2020! How are your resolutions going? If you've made a resolution to grow in your music career, you might be feeling stuck right about now. Sometimes, the issue is that you simply don't know what you don't know. You want to grow as an artist or producer, but you aren't sure what you even need! This quiz will help you figure out what steps to take nex[...]


How to Become a Successful Voice Actor for Beginners

Beginner Voiceover Tips

Rant time: A lot of voice actors out there have shitty reels. Their audio quality sucks, they can't act, and yet they wonder why they haven't had their big break yet. It's surprisingly easy to have a solid foundation for voice acting. You only need three things to begin. However, these three things WILL require effort on your part. Good things come to those who work for it, and I'm[...]


Guest Quote – Joy Magazine

Joy Magazine is a wedding website (now the 2nd wedding magazine I've written for, you can see the first one here!) I've never been married, so I've never had a wedding. However, I know a lot about music and I'm always happy to help out. The article is about modern songs to use in your wedding. Here are my quotes on the article: If you're planning a wedding and need more[...]


9 Song Playlists to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions

Playlists to Meet Your Resolutions

I've written about goals for songwriters (here) before, but I want to discuss songs that can apply to ANY New Year's Resolutions! Whether you need a motivational boost or need help creating goals, this playlist will help you get there. New Year's Resolutions Playlists Whatever your New Year's Resolutions are, there are plenty of songs to help you achieve them! If you're work[...]


The Top Artists of 2019 & How You Can Be Like Them in 2020

The Top Artists of 2019

The Top Artists of 2019 - let's celebrate them, congratulate them, and learn from them! I do this every year (you can see 2017 here and 2018 here if you want). It's hard to list the "top artists" because that's a controversial topic, but this list comes from Billboard and we're going with that. Here it is if you want to fact check me. Not a shocker, some of these were big last year too, s[...]


10 Ways Music Education Stimulates a Child’s Brain

Music Education Benefits

My guest post today is by Ronald Ross (author bio below). Hope you enjoy! Many educational experts agree that introducing music education in schools and at home have great results in the development stages of children. Music is a universal language and is also beneficial in a child's education. Listening to music uses our entire brain. Hence, playing an instrument, learning to read[...]