How to Sing Like Amy Winehouse

Tips to Sound Like Amy Winehouse

Want to sing like Amy Winehouse? Here are my best tips to imitate this late great singing icon. Sing Like Amy Winehouse If you'd prefer to watch the tips instead of read, here is my video where I walk through a lot of these tips: Why would someone want to sing like Amy Winehouse? Why not just use their own voice? For starters, I do think you should usually sound[...]


Top Free and Paid Ways to Learn Piano

How to Learn Piano

My post today is a guest post by Furqan Ahmed. I'd like to thank him for providing this awesome resource to learn to play the piano! If you're looking for ways to learn how to play piano, check out his tips below! I don't normally write about piano (here is another guest post) but I'm always happy to have others chime in! Top Free and Paid Ways to Learn Piano Learning piano is n[...]


Knowing Your Worth: Podcast Interview

Broken Glass Podcast Mella Barnes

I was so honored to speak with Kristi of Broken Glass Media. We had a great chat about charging what you're worth as a musician (or anyone in the music industry) and other topics like being a female in the industry, coronavirus quarantine and much more! Check it out here: Thanks again to Kristi and Broken Glass for having me![...]


Working With PolyChrome (Desert) Jasper – My Results

How to Work with Polychrome Jasper

I've been working with different crystals each week to see if they bring me any "opportunities," documenting my results here. So far I've done Blue Apatite, Blue Kyanite, and now Polychrome Jasper (I like the name "Desert Jasper" way more so that's what I'm calling it from here on. So far, this has been the most effective crystal in this process! Here is my diary of what happened that[...]


Working with Blue Kyanite to Improve Psychic Abilities & Bring Opportunities

I'm putting these "diary posts" on my blog because on my YouTube channel, I started a project to see if crystals do anything. My first post is here and is about Blue Apatite. My goal: To see if crystals bring me opportunities, specifically in music and/or my blog. This is week two, so let's see where I'm at! Working with Blue Kyanite Here is my first video where I discussed my p[...]


Danny Elfman MasterClass Review: Starting the Music (Part 2 of 4)

Danny Elfman MasterClass Reviews

This is Part 2 of my review of the Danny Elfman MasterClass, where he teaches scoring music for film. You can see Part 1 here, but let me give you a brief overview: Unlike previous MasterClasses I've taken, Danny Elfman's doesn't have a logical "flow" to the class structure. Every video stands on its own, so it was difficult to find a way to group the course. The groupings here are jus[...]


Finding The Beat – A Simple Guide for Beginning Songwriters

Finding a Song's Beat and Using it to Find a Groove

Songs talk about "The Beat" all the time. There are so many references that I couldn't fit them all here, but I'm sure you've heard a band or artist mention a beat at some point. This is occasionally a point of confusion for some writers or clients who aren't terribly familiar with a song's beat, so let's talk about it a little bit. How to Stick to the Beat As a session singer, it'[...]


An Interview with Surgeon & Singer/Songwriter Doc Jazz

An Interview with Doc Jazz

Doc Jazz is my guest today, who is not only an incredible songwriter, but is also a client who has hired me for several singing and graphic design projects. He is also a surgeon, which blows my mind that he's able to do so many things and be so great at all of them. Our work has been featured in the news several times, which you can see here and here. His background is fascinating and I'm[...]