How to Lose Your Ego (so You Can Be a Better Songwriter)

Tips to Lose Your Ego to Improve Your Songwriting

I can’t tell you how many songwriting pitches I’ve attended where someone has said, “there is no room for ego in songwriting.” In these same pitches, there is always someone who argues with the publisher after their song was rejected. They try to explain WHY they included two bridges (“you need both to tell the story!”) or to explain that they KNOW the song isn’t finished ([...]


How to Not Suck as a Music Teacher

As a music teacher, you’re very important to young lives. You're not just helping them with music, you're helping them with most other aspects of their lives. Studies have shown that music education increases understanding in non-musical studies as well. It’s a huge responsibility to have on your shoulders. I could never do it, because I have no patience and kids just are not my thing.[...]


Unlikely Sources of Inspiration for Songwriters

8 Sources of inspiration for songwriters!

There are a million places for inspiration if you’re a songwriter. I have an active Pinterest and I try to save every type of listicle or blog on writing prompts and inspiration. However, after a while they all kind of blend together, no? Even I’m guilty of looking at an obvious place to get inspiration. So, what do you do when you’ve exhausted all of the prompts and ideas and you[...]


The Ultimate List of Libra Singers and Songwriters

A list of Libra singers and songwriters

So, I started doing this for Virgo singers/songwriters and thought, why not include all the zodiac signs? So this one I'm purposely posting before the dates start. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to listen to each day's list of artists. See if you find any new favorites! If you do, please tweet me and let me know so we can discuss: If you're a Libra and wondering ho[...]


My Epic California Trip!

This is just a quick post to explain my absence. I've been in California the last two weeks and can I just say how much I love that state? So beautiful. I went all over the entire state, from San Diego to Napa Valley and back, and I still didn't see even half of it. I can't wait to go back and see everything I missed! The week before the trip, I had a panic attack that sent me to the ER[...]


How to Use ReverbNation like a Boss

  I am a big fan of ReverbNation. I’ve been a member for years and still haven’t learned everything it can do yet. I’m going to walk you through the exact steps to make your profile epic, and also give you inside info I’ve learned from my experience there!   Why Should I Be on ReverbNation? If you’re a band or artist, you’ll obviously want a profile here. It[...]


The Ultimate List of Virgo Singers and Songwriters

I’m a Virgo (September 18th) and I totally relate to almost every description of my personality. A few highlights: Aren’t “over critical” and “judgmental” the same thing? Is this a case of me being over critical and judgmental? But yes, those are all pretty accurate, for better or worse. I always love seeing what celebrities have my same birthday, so I thought: Why not lis[...]


Your Root Chakra and Music

If you missed my post about why I’m writing about these, check that out here. Otherwise, let’s get started!    Our final chakra is actually known as the first chakra: the Root. You may be wondering, “why did you start at the 7th chakra?” and my answer is that I like going from top to bottom. It’s how I typically do scans in Reiki so it just made sense for me to do it[...]