Backstage with Tunedly – video

I am a featured session musician with Tunedly - here is my video describing more of what I do: I love my colleagues at Tunedly and we've done some incredible work together! Here is an example of a project I made there. You can hire me on a variety of platforms, including here on this site if you like, but Tunedly is another way to get ahold of me if you'd like![...]


My Interview with Voices Podcast is Live!

Voice Acting | Session Singer | How To

Voices podcast is an awesome resource for vocalists of all kinds. Alma Cook runs the show and she is not only a great resource for vocalists, she's also an incredible musician herself. Here is the link to our interview: http://www.voicescast.com/how-to-become-a-session-singer/ and I will also put it on my Press Page here. If you're not a podcast person, there is also a cliff no[...]


VOICES Podcast Interview

I hung out with Alma Cook of the Voices podcast. We talked about getting singing and voiceover work, using Pinterest and other fun stuff! Check it out here. I wrote an article about why all musicians should use Pinterest - check that post out here![...]


Toplining – What it is (and Isn’t) and How to Become a Topliner

What is toplining and how to become a topliner

Toplining is a weird music term. Some musicians I've spoken with about songwriting had never heard of it. Others believed that songwriting and toplining were the same thing. I want to talk about exactly what it is and how you can become a topliner in the industry. What is toplining? Toplining is essentially writing a vocal part over a pre-made music bed. It *is* songwriting in the se[...]


How to Avoid Getting Scammed in the Music Industry

Tips to avoid falling into artist traps in the music industry

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a company that claimed to be "one of the lead PR companies in America." Apparently, they had heard my music online and wanted to "put me on the front of their website to get a record deal." Now, if you're new to my site, you might think this is exactly what I'm looking for. However, my music that I write and release myself is simply for my own[...]


Meditation For Musicians: Quiet That Musical Mind!

3 easy ideas to help musicians meditate

Today, I want to talk about meditation for musicians. As much as I love exploring spirituality and different religions, I sucked at meditation. I tried it at home and wound up taking quizzes on Buzzfeed. I listened to peaceful music as a background to discovering what One Direction member I would marry. It was nice, but not helpful. Then I tried group meditation, but I wasn't good at th[...]


My Mission Statement – Why I Do What I Do

Session Singer Mella Barnes

This is not going to be a formal mission statement like top corporations have. I will make one someday, but for right now I want to just spill my mind and let you know why I do this. Why am I a session singer and songwriter? Why should anyone work with me instead of just doing it themselves? Well my friends, here's all I can tell you: This is not a professional photo shoot picture,[...]