Aquarius Musicians Who Have the Same Birthday (& Should Collaborate)

Aquarius Celebrities

Aquarius musicians are often discussed on my site. Chances are, you've seen one of my zodiac posts, because they are by far the most popular posts on my site. I started going through my lists of artists and thought, hey, what if these artists collaborated solely because they have the same birthday? Now, here we are. I've listed every Aquarius musician ever here, and I've discussed what[...]


Music Success Tips: How to Be Like the Top 10 Artists of 2020

The Top 10 Artists of 2020

Top 10 Artists of 2020 - Each year I recap the most successful artists of the year and see what we can learn from their success. This year will be very different, due to Covid and tour restrictions. However, major artists are still making bank, and we can study them to learn how to emulate their success. Obviously, all of these artists are under major labels. I wrote about why that's i[...]


How to Sing Like Halsey

How to Sing Like Halsey

Halsey is one of the most popular singers today, and she definitely has a unique voice. If you want to learn how to sing like Halsey, here are my best tips and a video! Please note: This post is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a doctor or vocal coach, I am just a session singer and I'm giving you my best tips to sing like Halsey. Please do not attempt to change your natural v[...]


David Sedaris MasterClass: A Full Review for Writers

Is the David Sedaris Masterclass worth the money? Review

David Sedaris MasterClass was a gift from God this year, one of the only gifts I would cling to while my life shattered to pieces. It wasn't enough to get me through, unfortunately, but nothing would have been. Anyway, hi, I took the David Sedaris MasterClass. Here are my full thoughts and opinions. I'm a blogger, but I'm also a freelance writer and a huge David Sedaris fan. I took[...]


How to Write and Label a Song Bridge

Song Bridge Tips for Songwriters

A lot of my clients have trouble writing their song's bridge. It's the one part of the song that breaks away from the rest, so it can definitely be tricky. Another problem writers tend to have is labeling their songs correctly. Lyric sheets need to be formatted so that your session musicians can understand them. Pitch sheets need to be labeled as well. Let's dive into the bridge and stra[...]


Capricorn Musicians Who Should Collab (Because they Have the Same Birthday)

Capricorn musicians who should collaborate because they have the same birthday

Capricorn musicians are the star of today's post, because we are entering Capricorn season! I've listed all Capricorn musicians here. I've also written about how Capricorn musicians can use their sign to succeed in the music business here. So we talk zodiac signs quite a bit here. Today, we are simply listing Capricorn musicians who have the same birthday, then imagining a collaboratio[...]


Bitrate – A Simple Explanation for Musicians

Bitrate Tips for Recording

  Raise your hand if you're a musician who isn't a big tech person! My hand just shot up along with hundreds of other people, I'm sure. Today I'm going to break down a complicated, techie term that goes over a lot of musicians heads: Bitrate. What is the bitrate? How does bitrate impact a song? Why should you even care? Let's discuss!   What is Bitrate? Bitrate (or[...]


Tchaikovsky Through Taylor Swift: 10 Epic Musician Feuds

Musician Feuds Through History

I usually try to write helpful info for songwriters and musicians on this site, but I've been in quarantine for months and my mind is rotting and I just want to talk about dumb celebrity drama. Let's discuss the most epic musician feuds and who took the L in each one. These cases are ruled solely by my opinions, which of course makes them fact. Let's jump into the shallow end, kids![...]


An Interview with Kyle Bellinger, Singer/Songwriter, Voice Actor & Worship Leader

Kyle Bellinger Mella Music Interview

Kyle Bellinger and I met through my site and once I heard his story, I wanted to introduce you to him! Like many of us, he wears many musical hats. However, he's been able to diversify in some unique ways and has some great insights into inspiration and working in the music industry. His links and music are included so you can listen while you read! Kyle Bellinger Interview[...]


10 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Singers

Gift Ideas for Singers

The holidays are here, and that means the never-ending struggle to find gifts for loved ones. If you’ve got a singer or musician in your life, there are plenty of great gift ideas for these people! Hopefully my list will help you find something for them.   #This post contains affiliate links Great Gifts for Singers 1). Tea   Most singers drink tea. It may seem lik[...]