How to Maintain Work-Life Balance for Songwriters and Musicians

How to Find Work Life Balance in the Music Industry

I recently wrote a post about how to stay motivated in the music business (you can check that out here), but I think that if you have a decent work-life balance, you can actually avoid burnout. Work-Life balance can be tough if music isn't your main source of work, or life. You'll need to shove music into either work or life, but we can help you find a strategy here! How a Musi[...]


A Brief History of Balkan Music

A (Very) Brief History of Balkan Music

We are nearing the end of my DNA project (you can see the beginning here). I've gone through most of my DNA results and researched the music of where I'm from, and the Balkans are a very small percentage of it. If you want to see others, I've done Hungary, Germany, France, Norway and many others. Many countries make up the Balkans, and because it's such a small part of my ethnicity (about[...]


An Interview with Music Industry Strategist Laura Schneider

Laura Schneider interview

I met Laura Schneider through her blog (it's great, check it out here). I wrote her to tell her how much I loved it, and it turned out she lives close to me! What a small and exciting world. We met in person and decided to interview each other. When she's not writing, Laura is a business coach for musicians and a social media strategist. I think you'll like her as much as I do! Lau[...]


Master Your Voice: A Full Review Project

Online Voice Lessons with Ramsey Voice Studio

A while back, I tried an online voice lesson with Matt Ramsey of Ramsey Voice Studio (you can see that here). I really enjoyed it and got great feedback on it. Several people asked if I planned on doing more lessons with him, and the answer is yes! Kind of. Matt graciously invited me to try his Master Your Voice from Ramsey Voice Studio program in exchange for an honest review. I have[...]


How session vocalists imitate singers

I made a new video for AirGigs about how session vocalists imitate other singers. If you're a songwriter looking for a specific performance from your hired singer, check out the video for tips! If you're a singer wanting to imitate someone, this video can help you too! I made another video for AirGigs which you can see here. You can hire me on AirGigs by going to my profile here[...]


What to Do if No One Comes to Your Concert

How to Get People to Come to Your Concert

It’s every musician’s worst nightmare: You’ve spent MONTHS promoting this concert. All of your closest friends and family promised to be there. You even had 40 confirmed “yes” on your Facebook event! And yet, when the time came for everyone to show up…you played to three people. Casual barflies who would have been there anyway. Granted, they said they enjoyed your show, and yo[...]


Greek Music: A Brief History of the Music of Greece

A Brief History of the Music of Greece

Ready for some Greek music? We're now getting into the smaller parts of my DNA (here is my original post on this journey). Greece and the Balkans make up about 2.9% of my heritage. That's not a lot (not enough to have a big fat Greek wedding, sadly) but I'm exploring each of them because I enjoy doing this and hopefully you learn a little as well. Let's get into Greece! Greek Music[...]