A Recording Studio Cleaning Checklist

A checklist to keep your recording studio clean

One of my (many) pet peeves is a filthy studio. It seems to kind of go with the trade. Creatives are typically messy, disorganized people. That's okay to an extent, but we can all agree it can be a little much, no? When you have to dig your mixing board out from a mound of magazines and you have weeks-old food laying around, it's time to clean. Why should I clean my studio? My clients[...]


New Single: Cloudy Glass produced by R4NYTE Entertainment

New single by R4NYTE featuring Mella

I've worked with the incredible R4NYTE before and was happy to work with him again. Cloudy Glass was a fun project! I didn't know they'd be adding a male singer to it until it was released, but I like having several singers on a track. I think it provides the listener with a nice variety and mixes things up a little. Here is the video for Cloudy Glass: You may notice I sound a little[...]


Music Stems: How to Send and Receive the Right Files for Your Music Project

How to send the right stems, files or tracks between musicians

When sending files between musicians, songwriters, producers and mixers, there can be a lot of confusion over what is being sent. For starters, some people call them completely different things (stems, files, tracks, exports, etc). Then there are people who are not sure what type of stem to send (.wav, .mp3, .m4a, etc). For the sake of simplicity for this post, I'll be calling them Stems t[...]


Soprano Session Singers: Where to Find Them and How to Become One

How to hire or be a soprano session singer

If you're reading this, you're probably either searching for a session singer or curious about becoming one. I'll start with the question I get frequently: "Are you a soprano session singer?" and my answer is always, "it depends." Let's explore what to ask when hiring a soprano session singer.   What to ask a soprano session singer A soprano is a singer who sings higher notes[...]


Revisions for Clients: Getting the Results You Want from Freelance Creatives

How to get great results from your hired freelance creative

In my last post, I talked about how creatives can handle revisions from tricky clients. If you're someone¬†who hired a creative and you're having issues, you might be thinking, "hey that's not fair! I'm easy to work with and they keep screwing up!" So, I wanted to write a post geared to you specifically, to help you get the best revisions as a client.   When Your Project Isn't[...]


Guest Post – Eydis Magazine April 2017

My April article for Eydis is dealing with criticism. This is something I deal with a lot as a creative freelancer, but I'm sure we all deal with it occasionally! https://issuu.com/eydismedia/docs/april_2017_debbi_dachinger/46 If the above doesn't load correctly, it's on page 46, or click here to go there directly![...]


The Creative Freelancer’s Guide to Revisions

How to make revisions for clients without losing your mind

As a session singer, I work with different clients on a daily basis. If all goes well, we both fully understand each other and the project's goal. The tracks are submitted, there are no revisions, and everyone is happy. However, every once in a while that is not the case. Every creative freelancer goes through this. It doesn't matter if you're a singer, painter, graphic designer, or bas[...]