The Cancer Musician: How Your Zodiac Sign Affects Your Music

Cancer constellation

Cancer season runs from approximately June 21st through July 22nd. This has always been one of my favorite times of year, because growing up in Michigan this was the only time of year it would be warmer than 60 degrees. Before we get into this, I just need to say that this is for entertainment purposes only. I do these for fun and make no claims or predictions about how your music car[...]


On Stage with Deadmau5: Final MasterClass Review

Deadmau5 MasterClass Review

This is my final review of the Deadmau5 MasterClass! I've gone through each segment in previous posts. I was going to do this one and make one final recap, but I decided to just end it with this one in the interest of saving everyone time. I've liked the class so far so I don't think this one class will throw my opinion too far the other way. If you want to see my other posts, here the[...]


The Music Business: Deadmau5 MasterClass Review Part 7

We are almost done with my Deadmau5 MasterClass journey! I took a break for a while to work on my remix of his song (you can see my progress on it here). I also wanted to take a break last week because I wrote a post about the music industry and record labels (see that here) before I took this class, so I wanted to post that before I posted this review. That way my original thoughts would[...]


A Brief History of Scottish Music

Scottish bagpipes

I'm taking a detour on my DNA project (see the intro here) because my initial results led me to believe I wasn't Scottish at all. I was kind of surprised by that, given my red hair (although I'm Irish as well). But 23 and Me has refined my results and now includes Scotland, specifically Glasgow, and also Wales. So I'm covering Scottish music this week and Wales will be next. The Mu[...]


Why You Need a Major Label to Be a Successful Music Artist

celebrities on red carpet

I see SO many music marketing "gurus" tell people that you can be successful without a label. While that can be true for a select few people, the reality is that you're unlikely to reach the level of success they claim without major label support. Today we're going to cover why a label is still necessary, but then we'll discuss what to do if you can't get a label or don't want one. You[...]


“You’re Too Old.” Why Age Matters in the Music Industry

Are You Too Old for a Music Career? The Answer May Surprise You

This is a near-constant concern for performers. Aging doesn't end, and it seems like every year you're getting closer to the conveyor belt of being "too old" to make it in music. I'm here to tell you: Yes, your age does matter. However, too many people focus on being "too old" to make it, and not nearly enough stop to consider what "making it" even means to them. You absolutely can[...]


Mixing & Mastering EDM Music: Deadmau5 MasterClass Review Part 6

Deadmau5 Mixing Tips

Welcome back to another MasterClass review! If you've missed any of the posts thus far, feel free to check them out here: Pt 1 - IntroPt 2 - Building a Home StudioPt 3 - SynthsPt 4 - Making BeatsPt 5 - Remixes We are now on Part 6, which is all about mixing and mastering. Mixing in and of itself is such a huge concept that it would take multiple MasterClasses to learn them all. Howe[...]


A Brief History of British Music

British Band Music

This is part of my series where I tested my DNA (results are here) and I'm researching the music of where I'm from. Since I started this project, 23 and Me has become much more detailed in its results. I now have a list of possible cities my ancestors came from, including the West Midlands, Edinburgh and Lancashire. I won't bore you with my personal history, though. Today we're covering a[...]


The Gemini Musician: How Your Zodiac Sign Affects Your Music

Gemini Constellation Image

We are now in Gemini, which is one of my favorite times of the year. If you're in the Northern hemisphere, we're warming up and days are getting brighter and longer. Both of my parents and my nephew are Geminis, so this is also a time of parties and spending a ton of money on gifts. Before we get started, I need to do my obligatory "this may not apply to you" speech. There are a ton o[...]