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Buy the Best Mic: The Ultimate Guide to Vocal Microphones

Complete Info on Vocal Microphones

I have a guest post today from Dave Tudor, owner of He gives us an incredible, in-depth look at vocal microphones today and I'm happy to have him! As a session singer, I use pretty much exclusively vocal microphones. Whatever type of musician you are, vocal microphones are sure to come across your path at some point. I think you'll love this post, whether you'r[...]


How to Become a Successful Voice Actor for Beginners

Beginner Voiceover Tips

Rant time: A lot of voice actors out there have shitty reels. Their audio quality sucks, they can't act, and yet they wonder why they haven't had their big break yet. It's surprisingly easy to have a solid foundation for voice acting. You only need three things to begin. However, these three things WILL require effort on your part. Good things come to those who work for it, and I'm[...]


The Top Artists of 2019 & How You Can Be Like Them in 2020

The Top Artists of 2019

The Top Artists of 2019 - let's celebrate them, congratulate them, and learn from them! I do this every year (you can see 2017 here and 2018 here if you want). It's hard to list the "top artists" because that's a controversial topic, but this list comes from Billboard and we're going with that. Here it is if you want to fact check me. Not a shocker, some of these were big last year too, s[...]


10 Ways Music Education Stimulates a Child’s Brain

Music Education Benefits

My guest post today is by Ronald Ross (author bio below). Hope you enjoy! Many educational experts agree that introducing music education in schools and at home have great results in the development stages of children. Music is a universal language and is also beneficial in a child's education. Listening to music uses our entire brain. Hence, playing an instrument, learning to read[...]


4 Vocal Mixing Mistakes to Avoid

Vocal Mixing Tips

Today's post is a guest post from Dustin at Musician on a Mission. They've written for me before and I'm happy to have them here again! Enjoy! When it comes to recording and mixing a song, the vocals are one of the most important elements to get right.  Think about it.  The vocals are the only part of a song that actually tells someone what the song is about. In add[...]


Are My Songs Good? Where to Get Your Songs Reviewed

Where to get songs reviewed

In my career as a session singer, I often hear clients say they're nervous about whether or not their song is even good. You can work with all the pros in the world, but if the song itself is bad, there's not much we can do. So, how do you know if your songs are good? This is largely subjective, so it's hard to say. Think about every top song on the charts right now, and how many peopl[...]


Robyn Crawford’s Book is the Last Piece of the Whitney Houston Puzzle

Robyn Crawford's Book A Song For You Review

We've had pretty much every other family member or friend write a book or op-ed about her. We have multiple documentaries. Aside from her article in Esquire, Robyn Crawford has remained pretty silent. We now have her side of the story. The Story by Robyn Crawford Anyone who's followed my blog here will know I'm a huge, huge Whitney fan. I've got the proof: I wrote about how[...]


This Guy Sued Taylor Swift, Wrote a Book About it and Slammed My Colleagues

Why I Sued Taylor Swift book review

"Why I Sued Taylor Swift" is bad in its own right, but I have several personal bones to pick with it. If you're not familiar with Russell Greer, here are a few key points to bring you up to speed. He sued America's Got Talent for not accepting his audition, claiming it was because of his disability (here is the audition). He has a long history of suing various people, including Farrah[...]