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Audio Recording Tips


How to Add Orchestral Instruments Into Your Song for Cinematic Effect

Orchestral Instruments VSTs

Orchestral instruments can add a lovely element to your song and make it shine. Today's post is a guest post from Graeme Rattray from HomeStudioLabs.com - Please see his bio at the end! I appreciate his hard work and want to thank him and Home Studio Labs! In this article, we are going to look at how to add Orchestral Instruments into your song using Orchestral VST plugins. For this ar[...]


Bitrate – A Simple Explanation for Musicians

Bitrate Tips for Recording

  Raise your hand if you're a musician who isn't a big tech person! My hand just shot up along with hundreds of other people, I'm sure. Today I'm going to break down a complicated, techie term that goes over a lot of musicians heads: Bitrate. What is the bitrate? How does bitrate impact a song? Why should you even care? Let's discuss!   What is Bitrate? Bitrate (or[...]


The Danny Elfman MasterClass: Is It Worth The Money?

A Review of Danny Elfman MasterClass Review

If you're a regular here, you know I'm a big fan of MasterClass. So far I've done Christina Aguilera, Reba McEntire and Deadmau5. I wanted to try a different genre this time, and I love The Simpsons, so Danny Elfman seemed like a decent choice. This is the first of a four-part series, so please subscribe to stay updated on the course! Please note: MasterClass is an affiliate, which mea[...]


How to Get a Great Bass Track for Your Song

Bass Tips for Songwriters

Bass is kind of a generic term for “the lower parts” of the song. A bass can be a singer, a guitar, or several types of instruments (like a ukulele or clarinet). You may also hear people ask to "bring the bass up" or down. These are general things to know before heading into your session! How to Get Great Bass on Your Music These are just *some* tips and ideas, not an exhausti[...]


How to Create a Home Recording Studio on a Budget

DIY Home Recording Studio

As a musician, you probably know when creative inspiration hits you need to get it out. Having an at-home music studio can be the perfect way to record your ideas. Plus, an in home recording studio can come in handy during times like the 2020 stay at home movement. I know the idea of a recording studio can seem expensive, but today I’m going to walk you through all of my tips and tricks[...]


I Have Misophonia. I’m Also a Voice Actor. Here’s How I Cope.

Tips for Dealing with Misophonia

Misophonia is known as "an intense hatred of sounds that don't seem to bother anyone else." I absolutely hate mouth noises of any kind. The little clicks and pops made by talking, eating and singing. ASMR was created by Satan specifically to torture me. While I've looked into misophonia treatment (it exists, but it's costly and I'm sure it's not covered by my terrible USA insurance),[...]


Buy the Best Mic: The Ultimate Guide to Vocal Microphones

Complete Info on Vocal Microphones

I have a guest post today from Dave Tudor, owner of https://makingmusicpro.com. He gives us an incredible, in-depth look at vocal microphones today and I'm happy to have him! As a session singer, I use pretty much exclusively vocal microphones. Whatever type of musician you are, vocal microphones are sure to come across your path at some point. I think you'll love this post, whether you'r[...]


How to Become a Successful Voice Actor for Beginners

Beginner Voiceover Tips

Rant time: A lot of voice actors out there have shitty reels. Their audio quality sucks, they can't act, and yet they wonder why they haven't had their big break yet. It's surprisingly easy to have a solid foundation for voice acting. You only need three things to begin. However, these three things WILL require effort on your part. Good things come to those who work for it, and I'm[...]


10 Ways Music Education Stimulates a Child’s Brain

Music Education Benefits

My guest post today is by Ronald Ross (author bio below). Hope you enjoy! Many educational experts agree that introducing music education in schools and at home have great results in the development stages of children. Music is a universal language and is also beneficial in a child's education. Listening to music uses our entire brain. Hence, playing an instrument, learning to read[...]


4 Vocal Mixing Mistakes to Avoid

Vocal Mixing Tips

Today's post is a guest post from Dustin at Musician on a Mission. They've written for me before and I'm happy to have them here again! Enjoy! When it comes to recording and mixing a song, the vocals are one of the most important elements to get right.  Think about it.  The vocals are the only part of a song that actually tells someone what the song is about. In add[...]