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Dolly Parton Success Secrets: Hulu and Netflix Interviews

Dolly Parton Documentary Review

Dolly Parton has become my most recent obsession. After reading her book (see here) and studying her vocal technique here, I decided I had to learn more about this captivating icon. I watched her interviews on Hulu and Netflix, and learned so much about the music industry. I want to share these with you, but I highly recommend watching them yourself! Hopefully these reviews will help[...]


Sagittarius Musicians Who Should Collab (Because They Have the Same Birthday)

Sagittarius musicians who should duet because they have the same birthday

Sagittarius musicians, where you at? We're in Sag season, baby! I've discussed Sagittarius musicians here on this page before. I have a list of all Sagittarius musicians here. I also discussed how Sagittarius musicians can use their sign to further their music career here. Today, we are simply pointing out which Sagittarius musicians have the same birthday, then we are imagining what[...]


A Full Review of Maria Mena’s New Album

Maria Mena They Never Leave Their Wives Review

Maria Mena is one of my absolute favorite singer/songwriters. I love her so much, so this review will be heavily biased. However, there are several small critiques just so this isn't a gush-fest. Seriously though, if you don't know Maria Mena, please check her out immediately. I'm going to break the album down song by song, then recap my thoughts as a whole at the end. I'm excited[...]


An Amazing Journey of Carnatic Music

History of Carnatic Music

Today's post is a guest post from Reema Krishnan, a Carnatic Music expert. Her bio is at the end of this post, I'm glad she is here and hope you enjoy! In India, music is considered one of the prominent ways to be near to God. There is a unique form of music based on “Bhakti” (Worship) of God. It is known as Carnatic music. It has been through a long journey from ancient India to t[...]


Scorpio Musicians Who Should Collab Because They Have the Same Birthday

Scorpio musicians who should collab because they have the same birthday

Scorpio musicians are a cause for celebration. I've talked about them here before. I made a list of all Scorpio musicians here, and I wrote about how Scorpios can use their signs in the music industry here. Today, we are simply pointing out what Scorpio musicians have the same birthday, and imagining a collab between them based solely off of that. It will be fun, I promise. *This po[...]


Dolly Parton Autobiography Review: My Life and Other Unfinished Business

Dolly Partons Autobiography

Dolly Parton Autobiography? I'm in. I'm a big Dolly Parton fan, but if I'm being honest, I'm more of a fan of her as a person than her music or films. I think most people my age (Millennials/Gen Z) might be similar, because her music fame was "before our time" but she herself has remained an icon. Not knowing much about her besides her iconic looks, I was excited to learn more abo[...]


Cool and Interesting Instruments Your Kids Will Enjoy Playing

Instruments become part of school curriculum in elementary/middle school. If your child is looking to play a musical instrument, there are three potential outcomes: They love it, become obsessed with it and become a virtuosoThey hate it and quit soonPerhaps the saddest option: They don't love or hate it. They remain indifferent about it until you suggest that they practice or try agai[...]


Libra Musicians Who Should Collab Because They Have the Same Birthday

Libra Musicians who should collab because they are libras

Libra musicians are the hot topic today because we are entering Libra season! Whenever you're reading this, I'm guessing you're a Libra yourself or you have one in your life. I listed every Libra musician here and wrote about how being a Libra can help your career here. This post is to look at Libra musicians with the same birthday, and then envision a collab between them. Let me know[...]


Virgo Musicians Who Should Collab Because They Have the Same Birthday

Virgo Musicians Who Should Collaborate

Virgo musicians (and all other signs) are a big part of my blog. I listed every Virgo musician ever in this post, and I analyzed how Virgos can use their sign to find success in the music industry here. I think it's safe to say that meticulously listing every Virgo musician is a very Virgo thing to do. Today we are discussing Virgo celebrities who should collab, based solely on the fact t[...]