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Thrive Global Feature About Music

Thrive Global Song Quote

Thrive Global made a list about songs that give you a boost of energy. When asked about my favorite empowering song, we all KNOW I'm going to choose a Whitney Houston song, duh. Here is my quote: If you want to see the whole list, click here! There are a lot of great songs on that list. Personally, I find other Whitney songs to be more empowering (such as "I Didn't Know My Own[...]


My Guest Post on The Crafty Musician

The Crafty Musician Mella Barnes Guestpost

The Crafty Musician is an incredible resource for musicians and songwriters of all kinds. I wrote a guest post called "5 Crucial Tips to Be a Successful Session Musician," which you can read here. I want to thank Anitra and The Crafty Musician for having me! I hope you enjoy the article - if you read it, let me know what you think! To see other guest posts or interviews I've done, cli[...]


Knowing Your Worth: Podcast Interview

Broken Glass Podcast Mella Barnes

I was so honored to speak with Kristi of Broken Glass Media. We had a great chat about charging what you're worth as a musician (or anyone in the music industry) and other topics like being a female in the industry, coronavirus quarantine and much more! Check it out here: Thanks again to Kristi and Broken Glass for having me![...]


My Fem Founder Interview

Fem Founder Interview with Mella Barnes

Thanks so much to Fem Founder for having me as a guest! Here is a snippet of our conversation: To see the full interview, check it out here! Thanks again to Fem Founder, I had a great time and loved chatting with you! If you'd like to see more interviews and articles I've been featured in, check out my Press Page here![...]


Guest Quote: Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

Advice for Female Entrepreneurs

Goodwall Blog was kind enough to feature me in their article, 25 Inspiring Quotes & Business Tips from Female Entrepreneurs. Here is the full article, there are a lot of great tips here! If you want to just see mine, here is my quote: I want to focus specifically on musicians here for a minute: Musicians: Stop Doing Things You're Not Good At. You're Hurting Your Songs! Wh[...]


Guest Quote About Music in Detroit – Reader’s Digest

Reader's Digest Music Article

Growing up with my grandparents, they ALWAYS had Reader's Digest magazines around the house. I liked them because in my small hands, the tiny magazine looked like a normal-sized book. I also liked the cartoons (even though I rarely understood them) and the bland jokes that were safe enough for both me and my grandparents to laugh. The old copies never got thrown away; they were small enou[...]


Interview with Sciarra for B Squared Magazine

I interviewed pop/EDM artist Sciarra here on my blog a while ago and I loved her insights into social media and making fan connections. I recently started working with B Squared magazine and they asked me to interview an artist with a large social media following. Of course, Sciarra came to mind immediately! Please check out her interview here, and thanks to B Squared for having bo[...]


Guest Quote – Joy Magazine

Joy Magazine is a wedding website (now the 2nd wedding magazine I've written for, you can see the first one here!) I've never been married, so I've never had a wedding. However, I know a lot about music and I'm always happy to help out. The article is about modern songs to use in your wedding. Here are my quotes on the article: If you're planning a wedding and need more[...]