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Reviews for a Client’s Album

Album Reviews

Mark Baughman hired me to sing on two tracks for his album, No Prophet Here. The reviews are in and they're very positive! Here is the album if you'd like to hear while you read. I was the lead singer on "Somebody's Daughter" and "What I Became (Please Take Me Home)," but please check out the whole album! Mark is a fantastic songwriter and this album serves as a great portfolio for hi[...]


Feature on Glimmertown Radio Podcast

Glimmertown Radio Podcast

Glimmertown Radio is doing a series on "Music & Astrology" with artists separated into their respective signs. They let me know they used my zodiac posts as inspiration and I wanted to share their work with you. For those of you who don't know/care about astrology: Signs are divided into elements (earth, water, air and fire). As a Virgo, I am an "Earth" sign. If you don't know abou[...]


Voice Actor Tips – My Interview on The Crafty Musician

The Crafty Musician Mella Barnes Interview

Voice actor tips are all over the internet, but I don't write about voice acting a ton here. Luckily, The Crafty Musician gave me a great opportunity to discuss it with them! I've been on The Crafty Musician before (you can see that here), and I'm happy to be back. Check out my voice actor interview on The Crafty Musician here! Thanks so much to The Crafty Musician for reaching out[...]


Thrive Global Feature About Music

Thrive Global Song Quote

Thrive Global made a list about songs that give you a boost of energy. When asked about my favorite empowering song, we all KNOW I'm going to choose a Whitney Houston song, duh. Here is my quote: If you want to see the whole list, click here! There are a lot of great songs on that list. Personally, I find other Whitney songs to be more empowering (such as "I Didn't Know My Own[...]


My Guest Post on The Crafty Musician

The Crafty Musician Mella Barnes Guestpost

The Crafty Musician is an incredible resource for musicians and songwriters of all kinds. I wrote a guest post called "5 Crucial Tips to Be a Successful Session Musician," which you can read here. I want to thank Anitra and The Crafty Musician for having me! I hope you enjoy the article - if you read it, let me know what you think! To see other guest posts or interviews I've done, cli[...]


Knowing Your Worth: Podcast Interview

Broken Glass Podcast Mella Barnes

I was so honored to speak with Kristi of Broken Glass Media. We had a great chat about charging what you're worth as a musician (or anyone in the music industry) and other topics like being a female in the industry, coronavirus quarantine and much more! Check it out here: Thanks again to Kristi and Broken Glass for having me![...]


My Fem Founder Interview

Fem Founder Interview with Mella Barnes

Thanks so much to Fem Founder for having me as a guest! Here is a snippet of our conversation: To see the full interview, check it out here! Thanks again to Fem Founder, I had a great time and loved chatting with you! If you'd like to see more interviews and articles I've been featured in, check out my Press Page here![...]


Guest Quote: Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

Advice for Female Entrepreneurs

Goodwall Blog was kind enough to feature me in their article, 25 Inspiring Quotes & Business Tips from Female Entrepreneurs. Here is the full article, there are a lot of great tips here! If you want to just see mine, here is my quote: I want to focus specifically on musicians here for a minute: Musicians: Stop Doing Things You're Not Good At. You're Hurting Your Songs! Wh[...]


Guest Quote About Music in Detroit – Reader’s Digest

Reader's Digest Music Article

Growing up with my grandparents, they ALWAYS had Reader's Digest magazines around the house. I liked them because in my small hands, the tiny magazine looked like a normal-sized book. I also liked the cartoons (even though I rarely understood them) and the bland jokes that were safe enough for both me and my grandparents to laugh. The old copies never got thrown away; they were small enou[...]