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Blog Interview – Justine Perry

The incredible blogger and lyricist Justine Perry interviewed me on her blog here. I also interviewed her on mine, which you can see here! Justine and I met when we co-collaborated on a few projects for songwriter ML Dunn. I interviewed him on my blog here! Thanks so much Justine for having me on your wonderful blog![...]


Guest Quote – BestLife Magazine

I contributed to this BestLife article about why singers dread performing the National Anthem. My first anthem performance was in high school and I was SO nervous. It didn't help that it was at a hockey game and the building was freezing cold. It was a duet, so thankfully that helped a little. No matter who you are, if you suffer from stage fright, you're not alone! Check out my p[...]


Ken Lewis Class Features Tangerine

Ken Lewis Mixes Tangerine

Ken Lewis is a well-known mixer and engineer who has worked with Lady Gaga, Kanye West and many others. He has a school for mixing and used my song "Tangerine" as a lesson! Check it out here! You can buy Tangerine here, or check it out on Spotify here! Here is my music video for Tangerine: Thanks to Ken Lewis for featuring Tangerine, I really appreciate it and hope your st[...]


Guest Post – AirGigs

My guest post for AirGigs is about how to reduce the number of edits on your music project. A great deal of edits can lead to missed deadlines and a lot of frustration. You can avoid those issues by following these tips! Thanks to AirGigs for having me![...]