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In the News


Interview with Sciarra for B Squared Magazine

I interviewed pop/EDM artist Sciarra here on my blog a while ago and I loved her insights into social media and making fan connections. I recently started working with B Squared magazine and they asked me to interview an artist with a large social media following. Of course, Sciarra came to mind immediately! Please check out her interview here, and thanks to B Squared for having bo[...]


Guest Quote – Joy Magazine

Joy Magazine is a wedding website (now the 2nd wedding magazine I've written for, you can see the first one here!) I've never been married, so I've never had a wedding. However, I know a lot about music and I'm always happy to help out. The article is about modern songs to use in your wedding. Here are my quotes on the article: If you're planning a wedding and need more[...]


How session vocalists imitate singers

I made a new video for AirGigs about how session vocalists imitate other singers. If you're a songwriter looking for a specific performance from your hired singer, check out the video for tips! If you're a singer wanting to imitate someone, this video can help you too! I made another video for AirGigs which you can see here. You can hire me on AirGigs by going to my profile here[...]


Podcast Interview – No Labels, No Limits

Thanks so much to Sarah Boxx for having me on her show! We had a great time and it felt like chatting with an old friend. I hope you enjoy as much as I did! https://player.pippa.io/5d079d3a4becaaf22902c2d8/episodes/5d079d54c531e67043723a10 Episode 028 - No Labels, No Limits - with Mella Barnes, Musical Artist Extraordinaire Here is the write-up from their site: We are contin[...]


Blog Interview – Justine Perry

The incredible blogger and lyricist Justine Perry interviewed me on her blog here. I also interviewed her on mine, which you can see here! Justine and I met when we co-collaborated on a few projects for songwriter ML Dunn. I interviewed him on my blog here! Thanks so much Justine for having me on your wonderful blog![...]