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Guest Quote – BestLife Magazine

I contributed to this BestLife article about why singers dread performing the National Anthem. My first anthem performance was in high school and I was SO nervous. It didn't help that it was at a hockey game and the building was freezing cold. It was a duet, so thankfully that helped a little. No matter who you are, if you suffer from stage fright, you're not alone! Check out my p[...]


Ken Lewis Class Features Tangerine

Ken Lewis Mixes Tangerine

Ken Lewis is a well-known mixer and engineer who has worked with Lady Gaga, Kanye West and many others. He has a school for mixing and used my song "Tangerine" as a lesson! Check it out here! You can buy Tangerine here, or check it out on Spotify here! Here is my music video for Tangerine: Thanks to Ken Lewis for featuring Tangerine, I really appreciate it and hope your st[...]


Guest Post – AirGigs

My guest post for AirGigs is about how to reduce the number of edits on your music project. A great deal of edits can lead to missed deadlines and a lot of frustration. You can avoid those issues by following these tips! Thanks to AirGigs for having me![...]


Guest Quote – Uniting Generations

A really interesting study about how music unites generations featured my input on what makes artists universally loved across generation gaps. It was really interesting to see the top 10 artists with universal age appeal, from the very young to the very old. If you are hosting an event with a wide age range, make sure you feature a lot of these artists![...]


Guest Quote – Soundproofing Tips

I contributed to an article about soundproofing and got to talk about my booth! Check out the post here. It's important to remember that many people have different opinions on soundproofing and different things might work in different situations. As long as your recordings sound great, that's all that matters! Thanks to A Quiet Refuge for having me on the post![...]


Pivot Planet Session Musician Coaching

I've teamed up with Pivot Planet to provide private coaching for session musicians! I wrote a whole post about it here if you want to learn more. Lessons are specifically tailored to each individual. We will work with your needs exclusively to help your career grow! Whether we focus on performance, website building, technique or anything else, you tell me what you need and I'll work wi[...]


Guest Post – My Authentic Life June 2018

Sadly, this is the last episode of MY Authentic Life. I've been so honored to be part of this incredible group of people, and I wish everyone all the best! My final article is about how to handle your anger: Scroll to page 44 or click here for the article! Again I'd like to thank MY Authentic Life for[...]