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An Interview with Anitra Jay from The Crafty Musician

Anitra Jay The Crafty Musician

Anitra Jay is an acoustic soul singer-songwriter based in Eureka Springs, AR. She tours regularly up and down the US from Vermont to Texas and everywhere in between. Her music is a sultry down to earth blend of soul, pop, and gospel. After being laid off from her job in 2007, Anitra decided to pursue a career in music. She took her educational experiences in Public Relations and her profe[...]


Learn Drums Online for Free: An Interview with Gideon Waxman

Gideon Waxman Drum Helper Interview with Mella Music

Gideon Waxman is the founder of Drum Helper, an amazing website with free drumming resources for everyone, from newbies to pros. I was excited to interview him and hope you'll enjoy it as well! Gideon Waxman Interview I'm really thankful to Gideon for being here. If you enjoyed this interview, please check him out on his social media links posted below! Let’s start with[...]


An Interview with Kyle Bellinger, Singer/Songwriter, Voice Actor & Worship Leader

Kyle Bellinger Mella Music Interview

Kyle Bellinger and I met through my site and once I heard his story, I wanted to introduce you to him! Like many of us, he wears many musical hats. However, he's been able to diversify in some unique ways and has some great insights into inspiration and working in the music industry. His links and music are included so you can listen while you read! Kyle Bellinger Interview[...]


An Interview With Session Singer and Songwriter Josiah Ruff

Josiah Ruff Interview

Josiah Ruff and I met through session singing and he is one of the most talented and hardworking people I know! After spending YEARS working on other peoples' music, he released an album of his own. I'm so excited to share it with you and know you'll love it! Josiah Ruff Interview I plan on doing a video interview in the future as well, so I'll post that here when it's out, but[...]


An Interview with Surgeon & Singer/Songwriter Doc Jazz

An Interview with Doc Jazz

Doc Jazz is my guest today, who is not only an incredible songwriter, but is also a client who has hired me for several singing and graphic design projects. He is also a surgeon, which blows my mind that he's able to do so many things and be so great at all of them. Our work has been featured in the news several times, which you can see here and here. His background is fascinating and I'm[...]


An Interview with Music Industry Strategist Laura Schneider

Laura Schneider interview

I met Laura Schneider through her blog (it's great, check it out here). I wrote her to tell her how much I loved it, and it turned out she lives close to me! What a small and exciting world. We met in person and decided to interview each other. When she's not writing, Laura is a business coach for musicians and a social media strategist. I think you'll like her as much as I do! Lau[...]


An Interview with Singer/Songwriter ML Dunn

ML Dunn B&W

ML Dunn is not only a great client, he's an incredibly talented songwriter and has a fascinating backstory. I first worked with him (and Justine Perry, whom I interviewed here) on a project called "Conscience," and we then worked on a new one I'm excited to show you! ML Dunn Let’s start at the beginning: When did you start writing songs and making music? When I was at b[...]


An Interview with Pro Lyricist Justine Perry

Justine Perry Writing Lyrics

I am so excited to introduce you to Justine Perry. She is a full time lyricist and, you'll see from her answers, is just an incredible writer in general. Justine and I met through a mutual client and project: "Conscience/Cape Understand" by M L Dunn. Check it out here: https://open.spotify.com/album/69nEFE74XmCJfmfqIFDCC0 Justine contributed to lyrics and yours truly made[...]


An Interview with Amy Connerley

New York Singer, Dancer and Actor Amy Connerley's Interview

Amy Connerley has an outstanding career as a dancer, singer and actor in New York City. She talked with me about how she balances everything and tips for people who want to live in New York! I'm so glad Amy is here! She's a little different from my typical interview in that she has an active dance and choreography career, as well as acting. Her perspective was super interesting and[...]