An Interview With Session Singer and Songwriter Josiah Ruff

Josiah Ruff Interview

Josiah Ruff and I met through session singing and he is one of the most talented and hardworking people I know! After spending YEARS working on other peoples' music, he released an album of his own. I'm so excited to share it with you and know you'll love it! Josiah Ruff Interview I plan on doing a video interview in the future as well, so I'll post that here when it's out, but[...]


An Interview with Surgeon & Singer/Songwriter Doc Jazz

An Interview with Doc Jazz

Doc Jazz is my guest today, who is not only an incredible songwriter, but is also a client who has hired me for several singing and graphic design projects. He is also a surgeon, which blows my mind that he's able to do so many things and be so great at all of them. Our work has been featured in the news several times, which you can see here and here. His background is fascinating and I'm[...]


An Interview with Music Industry Strategist Laura Schneider

Laura Schneider interview

I met Laura Schneider through her blog (it's great, check it out here). I wrote her to tell her how much I loved it, and it turned out she lives close to me! What a small and exciting world. We met in person and decided to interview each other. When she's not writing, Laura is a business coach for musicians and a social media strategist. I think you'll like her as much as I do! Lau[...]


An Interview with Singer/Songwriter ML Dunn

ML Dunn B&W

ML Dunn is not only a great client, he's an incredibly talented songwriter and has a fascinating backstory. I first worked with him (and Justine Perry, whom I interviewed here) on a project called "Conscience," and we then worked on a new one I'm excited to show you! ML Dunn Let’s start at the beginning: When did you start writing songs and making music? When I was at b[...]


An Interview with Pro Lyricist Justine Perry

Justine Perry Writing Lyrics

I am so excited to introduce you to Justine Perry. She is a full time lyricist and, you'll see from her answers, is just an incredible writer in general. Justine and I met through a mutual client and project: "Conscience/Cape Understand" by M L Dunn. Check it out here: Justine contributed to lyrics and yours truly made[...]


An Interview with Amy Connerley

New York Singer, Dancer and Actor Amy Connerley's Interview

Amy Connerley has an outstanding career as a dancer, singer and actor in New York City. She talked with me about how she balances everything and tips for people who want to live in New York! I'm so glad Amy is here! She's a little different from my typical interview in that she has an active dance and choreography career, as well as acting. Her perspective was super interesting and[...]


An Interview with Sciarra

Instagram star Sciarra gives her success secrets to fellow musicians

Sciarra has an impressive social media following, fresh pop vocals and produces her own sound. In our interview, she discusses why she would try out for talent shows or recommend them, and how she found success without one. I had a great conversation with her and hope you'll enjoy it as well! Sciarra As always, I appreciate my guests being here and I appreciate you checking the[...]


An Interview with Sidney B

Interview with artist Sidney B

Sidney B has a great website, great merch and great music. What's not to love? Check him out here! Sidney B If you enjoy this interview, please let Sidney know! First, I love your website! Not a lot of artists have great websites and it was nice to see yours. Did you design it? Yes I designed it! I’m glad you liked it, Thank you. I tried to make it interactive and I ho[...]


An Interview with David and Jake from Surfacer

An interview with Surfacer

Surfacer is a great indie band with a mix of edgy soul and emotive lyrics. They're also funny and personable, and I think you'll love them! If you like their interview and want to let them know, please tweet them! Okay let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first, haha. Tell me about Surfacer and you guys started as a band! Jake: It originally started as a passion pro[...]


I Tried Vocal Training with Ramsey Voice Studio

Online Voice Lessons with Ramsey Voice Studio

I'm a full-time, professional session singer, and it has been WAY too long since I've had a proper voice lesson. I'll spare you the full background but I used to take in-person lessons with an amazing teacher in Michigan, but never picked it back up again after I left. I found Ramsey Voice Studio and contacted the owner for a private lesson. I'd like to show you how it went and give a ful[...]