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Music Industry Tips


6 Tips to Create Better YouTube Content

I've been on a YouTube journey lately, trying to grow my channel and help you grow yours as well! Today we're talking about how to optimize and improve your content. If you need content ideas, check out my post on that here. Whether you have just started creating a Youtube channel or have been there for a few months already, you will have to maximize this social media platform to  impro[...]


30 YouTube Content Ideas for Musicians

30 Easy YouTube Ideas for Singers, Songwriters and Musicians

I just did a post about YouTube content for Musicians, so I thought it would be cool to create a list of YouTube content ideas if you don’t have any idea of what to do. I’ll make these too at some point and we can share. If you end up making one, drop your link in my comments and let me know how it worked out for you! *This post contains affiliate links YouTube Content Video Idea[...]


How 2017’s Top Artists Made it Big, and How You Can Too

How 2017's Top Artists Became Successful

As of writing this post, I looked at Billboard's top-selling artists of this year and they are, in order: 1). Taylor Swift 2). Ed Sheeran 3). Post Malone 4). Pentatonix 5). Imagine Dragons 6). Sam Smith 7). Garth Brooks 8). P!nk 9). Demi Lovato 10). Bruno Mars If you’re wondering, “Wait, where’s (other huge artist)?” These are the top artists as of October 2017. Most of[...]


How to Overcome Jealousy Toward Others

Overcome Your Jealousy with 3 Simple Questions

  Alright, can we just talk about how much I love Meghan Trainor? Her lyrics are witty and interesting, her voice is phenomenal (reminds me a little of Stacie Orrico, whom I used to love), and her production is fresh and modern. She’s one of those people I completely love and am also incredibly jealous of because she’s so damn talented. Like me, she got started in songwriti[...]