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How to Get the Best Performance from Your Session Singers

How to hire a session singer

Session singers are professional musicians who can get the job done with minimal takes, ideally. However, there are ways to make their job easier, which will in turn make your project easier and make the end result better. Here are some simple tips to make sure your session singers know what you need, right away! What Session Singers Need to Know Whenever I'm hired onto a project, I of course want to give it my all and do a great job. I assume we all do, because this is our job and also we want you to be happy. However, there are times when we might int[...]


5 Things to Think About Before Hiring a Session Singer

Top Things to Consider Before Hiring a Session Singer

Hiring a session singer is usually near the end of a songwriting project. However, sometimes people are so excited to get to the end that they fast forward through important steps. This can lead to confusion, mistakes and retakes, so it's important to make sure you have these steps cleared before hiring a session singer! Hiring a Session Singer If you're not sure if you even need a session singer, check out this post on why a session singer is important for your song. By the time you're ready to hire a session musician, you likely are so excited to g[...]


How to Maintain Work-Life Balance for Songwriters and Musicians

How to Find Work Life Balance in the Music Industry

I recently wrote a post about how to stay motivated in the music business (you can check that out here), but I think that if you have a decent work-life balance, you can actually avoid burnout. Work-Life balance can be tough if music isn't your main source of work, or life. You'll need to shove music into either work or life, but we can help you find a strategy here! How a Musician Can Find Work-Life Balance If music isn't your full-time job, that means you likely already have a job (or school, etc) and you also have to have a life. So, where should[...]


What to Do if No One Comes to Your Concert

How to Get People to Come to Your Concert

It’s every musician’s worst nightmare: You’ve spent MONTHS promoting this concert. All of your closest friends and family promised to be there. You even had 40 confirmed “yes” on your Facebook event! And yet, when the time came for everyone to show up…you played to three people. Casual barflies who would have been there anyway. Granted, they said they enjoyed your show, and you might have gained three new fans, but STILL…why didn’t anyone show up? And how do you deal with the disappointment? I’m going to give you some tips on how to handle th[...]


Are Music Promotion Companies Worth It?

legitimate music promotion companies

People occasionally contact me and ask the following question: "Someone Contacted Me to Promote My Music. Is it Legit?" Probably not, sorry to say. But, before you respond with a nasty email telling them to shove it, let’s look at the red and green flags to decide whether or not it might be legit. The last thing you want to do is tell someone off when they are actually a big deal and have good intentions! How Do I Know if a Music Promotion Company is Legitimate? I would venture to say that 99% of music promotion companies will not deliver fame o[...]


How to Stay Motivated in the Music Industry

Staying Motivated in Music

Whether you're a singer, songwriter, or someone behind-the-scenes (producer, engineer, etc) you'll definitely encounter struggles in the music industry. Not to be bleak, that's just how it is. There are struggles in every industry, but the music industry has its own unique struggles along with the likelihood that most of us won't make a full-time living from it. Many musicians do music part time while working full time. Some pursue music as a side project while in college. You're likely working around the clock and burning the candle at both ends, which is bo[...]


7 Tips to Get Featured in Music Magazines and Blogs

How to Get Your Music Featured in Magazines

Whether in print or online, music magazines are a big deal to the careers of many. The exposure to new fans and further opportunities are well worth the legwork you need to get into the magazines. I've been featured in quite a few myself and have even written for some, so I'm going to give you my best tips to getting featured in top music magazines! Contacting Music Magazines We're going to walk through each step carefully, even if it seems basic. A lot of these things are not basic to some, so if you feel like you're past it, feel free to skip ahead! Y[...]


Why You Need a Major Label to Be a Successful Music Artist

celebrities on red carpet

I see SO many music marketing "gurus" tell people that you can be successful without a label. While that can be true for a select few people, the reality is that you're unlikely to reach the level of success they claim without major label support. Today we're going to cover why a label is still necessary, but then we'll discuss what to do if you can't get a label or don't want one. You *can* have success as an artist without a label, but you'll need to put in a ton of work to make it happen. If you're ready and willing, scroll forth! Why You Need a Majo[...]


“You’re Too Old.” Why Age Matters in the Music Industry

Are You Too Old for a Music Career? The Answer May Surprise You

This is a near-constant concern for performers. Aging doesn't end, and it seems like every year you're getting closer to the conveyor belt of being "too old" to make it in music. I'm here to tell you: Yes, your age does matter. However, too many people focus on being "too old" to make it, and not nearly enough stop to consider what "making it" even means to them. You absolutely can have a great career in the music industry, regardless of your age. Don't believe me? Check out this grandfather who just started making trap music. A while back, I wrote an a[...]


Mixing & Mastering EDM Music: Deadmau5 MasterClass Review Part 6

Deadmau5 Mixing Tips

Welcome back to another MasterClass review! If you've missed any of the posts thus far, feel free to check them out here: Pt 1 - IntroPt 2 - Building a Home StudioPt 3 - SynthsPt 4 - Making BeatsPt 5 - Remixes We are now on Part 6, which is all about mixing and mastering. Mixing in and of itself is such a huge concept that it would take multiple MasterClasses to learn them all. However, I did learn some good tips here that I'm excited to share with you! Just so you know, MasterClass is an affiliate. That means that if you choose to take the class through[...]