Coloratura Sopranos – How to Hire (or Become) One

  Most clients just ask if I'm a soprano, but I have had a few specifically ask for a coloratura soprano. I want to talk about what one is and how to hire one, or become one if you want! What is a Coloratura Soprano? A Coloratura Soprano is a singer who sings with a lot of runs and riffs, who is also obviously a soprano. It’s more of an opera term, but Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande would probably fall into this category. Kathleen Battle is a phenomenal opera singer and you should definitely check her out! Even if you’re not an opera person, y[...]


Chord Progressions: A Simple Explanation for Lyricists

A simple explanation of chord progressions

  I included the term "chord progressions" in my book because we often work with lyricists only, so we are creating the music as well as the melody. We will ask if they have a chord progression in mind, mostly to help us determine the melody. Sometimes people need us to define chord progression, so I decided to define it to make it easier! What are chord progressions? Chord Progressions are basically the order that your chords go. If your song is in C major, your chords are going to be C, F, and G primarily, with whatever else fits your particular so[...]


Reading Bars: A Beginner’s Guide to Sheet Music

The beginner's guide to reading bars in sheet music

If you're a session singer, you'll likely encounter sheet music at some point in your career. If you're a songwriter, you might someday write sheet music. Either way, reading sheet music can be fun and rewarding, and doesn't have to be scary! I'm going to focus on just one part of sheet music today: Bars. This might be really basic for some, but I’m going into this assuming that you know nothing at all about reading music (which is totally okay). Consider it an intro! Let's look at a photo of a bar: The shape on the left is a Treble Clef (which tel[...]


An Explanation of Musical Accompaniment

Today begins the first day I go through my list of terms in my book to explain them in greater detail. I’m going to *try* to do this weekly, but go easy on me because I might not actually do that. First up: Accompaniment! What is it, when do you need it, and why do you need to know it? What is Accompaniment? The accompaniment is basically the “backup” to the singer or soloist. A guitar solo could also have an accompaniment. The other two girls in Destiny’s Child were pretty much accompaniment. Anything that isn’t the solo and assists the lead is[...]