Want to Learn How to Be a Session Musician? Work With Me!

Learn How to Be a Professional Session Singer

This project has been on my heart for a long time, and I've done it for a few years on the side. However, I'm excited to announce that you can now get session musician lessons from me! Want to be a session musician or singer? I've been a session musician for years, and hopefully my blog proves it. I love helping people in any way that I can, and one of the questions I'm most frequent[...]


Important Investments That All Session Singers Should Make

A Complete List of Important Investments for Your Singing Career!

People are often shocked when they ask me how to become a professional session singer and I give them a long list of things to buy. Like any business, you need to spend money to make money. For some things, you save until you have the funds, but some things are better to splurge on up front. I’m going to give you a list of things that I feel are worth the investment, along with what I[...]


Audio Recording Through the Ages – Guest Post

An infographic of the history of audio recording

I'm so excited to bring you this topic and discuss it! Rebecca is the Content Writer for McGowan Transcriptions and has an amazing infographic to share. I'm going to sit back now and let her get to it! Just two centuries ago the music industry as we know it today didn’t exist. There was no way of recording, reproducing, and distributing music for the simple reason that there was no[...]


5 Tips for Recording Yourself Singing – Guest Post

5 Easy tips to record yourself singing!

I've got another guest post for you this week! I'm hard at work behind-the-scenes with clients, my blog and vlog, but I'm always willing to have other experts step up and give us some great information. This week's comes from Ben Jacklin, a blogger and musician who writes about music equipment, production and the music industry at He has five tips to recording yoursel[...]


12 Vocal Processing Essentials – Guest Post

12 Vocal Processing Essentials

I'm super busy throughout all of November and half of December, so I'm excited to bring you guys some awesome guest posters this month! This week is Charles Hoffman of Black Ghost Audio. Here are 12 essentials to get into Vocal Processing:   This guide is the quick and dirty version of how to get started with recording and processing vocals. Audio engineering is this massive fi[...]


Wet Stems Gone Wrong: Why Dry is Best

  I made a post already about dry stems, but I want to talk about some serious #wetstemfails and why it's usually better to just get dry tracks from your session musicians.   What are Wet Stems? Wet Stems (or tracks, files, etc) are stems that have effects on them. As a session singer, I'm going to focus mainly on vocal stems here. If I send you wet stems, you are lik[...]


6 Reasons for Songwriters to Hire A Session Singer

Why a pro session singer is better than a great performer for your recording project

I hear this all the time: "Eh, I'll just do it myself, I have a decent voice." "My cousin sings well, everyone tells her she's great, she can do it!" "Why should I pay someone when I can get my neighbor to do it for free?" Well my friends, I have some responses to all of these and more! What is a Session Singer? Let's get the definition down before we go any further. A session singer[...]


A Recording Studio Cleaning Checklist

A checklist to keep your recording studio clean

One of my (many) pet peeves is a filthy studio. It seems to kind of go with the trade. Creatives are typically messy, disorganized people. That's okay to an extent, but we can all agree it can be a little much, no? When you have to dig your mixing board out from a mound of magazines and you have weeks-old food laying around, it's time to clean. Why should I clean my studio? My clients[...]