I’m Friends With My Co-Writer But They Aren’t Pulling Their Weight. Help!

"My co-writer is not contributing enough to our song. How should I handle it?" This question pops up often in my songwriting circles. Whether it’s a producer, co-writer or band member, people are unsure of what to do when their friends aren’t contributing enough to the project. I’ve experienced this on both sides before, and I’m going to give you some tips on how to handle this issue and (hopefully) remain friends. When Your Co-Writer Isn’t Doing Their Share First, let’s talk about the times when I’ve been that person who wasn’t pulling m[...]


7 Things to Think About Before You Hire a Session Singer

7 Tips to Hire the Best Session Singer for Your Project

If you’re a songwriter, you’re likely to hire a session singer at some point in your career. I’m a songwriter and session singer myself, and I’ve hired other session singers before. You’ll want a variety of singers in your reel to showcase that your songs can be used for a range of performers. You may also want background vocals that are different from your own. There are many reasons to hire a session vocalist, but it’s important to find the right one for your project. As a session singer, I feel it’s my responsibility to make sure you have the bes[...]


4 Reasons a Songwriter Needs a Project Manager

How Project Managers can help Songwriters

One of my favorite (and most common) roles at Tunedly is Project Manager. When I talk about it with songwriting friends, I tend to get these responses: “Well…I mean, I can be MY OWN project manager, right?” “What does that even mean?” “Why does a song need a project manager?” These are all great questions. I never thought about any of this before I became a PM, but now that I’ve seen projects both with and without one, I can tell you exactly what my role is and how to decide whether or not you need one. Project Managers for Songwriters He[...]


Tips for Songwriters Struggling with Self-Doubt – Guest Post

How to Handle Self-Doubt as a Songwriter

If you haven't heard of SongFancy, I highly recommend checking it out! It's a great resource for songwriters and the visuals are stunning. Sarah Spencer is an incredible writer and contributor in the music blogging community. She's also a fabulous singer-songwriter herself! I'm so honored to share this post with you today. Deep breaths. Do you love to write songs? Like, most days, do you really enjoy it? Yes? Ok, another deep breath. Then move to step 4. Your latest song does not equal your entire worth as a songwriter. Let’s look at that[...]


10 Tips for Beginning Songwriters

I started “writing songs” (I’m using that term loosely since they were garbage) in elementary school. I had an archaic recorder and a tattered Lisa Frank notebook, both of which were my best (and only) friends. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have an interest in songwriting. Maybe you haven’t started yet but want to try. Perhaps you’ve written a few but are struggling. Maybe you’re a seasoned pro and you’re coming here anyway, which is also cool. I want to share these 10 tips that I wish I had known earlier in my songwriting career. I[...]


How Your Hobby Can Help You Write Better Songs

For many singer/songwriters, music is a hobby more than a career. This is totally fine and understandable, but it can be hard to find new things to write about when your only hobby is writing. However, very few of us only have one hobby. Even if your hobby is “doing nothing,” (no judgment here), I’m going to show you how to use any hobby to write great songs! How Animal Rescue Helps Me Write Songs My hobby is animal rescue, and I cannot tell you how many songs were inspired by my work in rescue or a specific animal. My song Find Me from Zebra Stone is[...]


How to Lose Your Ego (so You Can Be a Better Songwriter)

Tips to Lose Your Ego to Improve Your Songwriting

I can’t tell you how many songwriting pitches I’ve attended where someone has said, “there is no room for ego in songwriting.” In these same pitches, there is always someone who argues with the publisher after their song was rejected. They try to explain WHY they included two bridges (“you need both to tell the story!”) or to explain that they KNOW the song isn’t finished (“I already know it needs more work, I just wanted to show you what I have so far!”) The rest of us roll our eyes and shift anxiously in our seats. We get it. You’re already a[...]


Unlikely Sources of Inspiration for Songwriters

8 Sources of inspiration for songwriters!

There are a million places for inspiration if you’re a songwriter. I have an active Pinterest and I try to save every type of listicle or blog on writing prompts and inspiration. However, after a while they all kind of blend together, no? Even I’m guilty of looking at an obvious place to get inspiration. So, what do you do when you’ve exhausted all of the prompts and ideas and you’re still tapped out? Let’s see what we can create!   Inspiration vs Motivation First, I need you to make sure that it’s really inspiration that you lack, and[...]


6 Reasons for Songwriters to Hire A Session Singer

Why a pro session singer is better than a great performer for your recording project

I hear this all the time: "Eh, I'll just do it myself, I have a decent voice." "My cousin sings well, everyone tells her she's great, she can do it!" "Why should I pay someone when I can get my neighbor to do it for free?" Well my friends, I have some responses to all of these and more! What is a Session Singer? Let's get the definition down before we go any further. A session singer is someone who is hired to sing on studio projects. They may also be artists, performers or songwriters themselves, but a session singer is someone who is experienced and active[...]


How to Write a Great Verse

We've covered writing a good bridge, pre-chorus, post-chorus and chorus, so really the only thing left is the verse! What is a verse? The verse is my favorite part of the songwriting process. It's also arguably the most difficult. The verse is where you tell your story's details. I know we've done this already, but let's examine Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Her chorus is a very catchy hook: "Cause the players gonna play play play play play  and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate I'm just gonna shake shake shake shake shake Shake it off, shake[...]