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Music Success Tips: How to Be Like the Top 10 Artists of 2020

The Top 10 Artists of 2020

Top 10 Artists of 2020 - Each year I recap the most successful artists of the year and see what we can learn from their success. This year will be very different, due to Covid and tour restrictions. However, major artists are still making bank, and we can study them to learn how to emulate their success. Obviously, all of these artists are under major labels. I wrote about why that's i[...]


How to Sing Like Halsey

How to Sing Like Halsey

Halsey is one of the most popular singers today, and she definitely has a unique voice. If you want to learn how to sing like Halsey, here are my best tips and a video! Please note: This post is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a doctor or vocal coach, I am just a session singer and I'm giving you my best tips to sing like Halsey. Please do not attempt to change your natural v[...]


How to Sing Like Dolly Parton: 3 Tips to Imitate Her Voice

How to Sing Like Dolly Parton

Sing like Dolly Parton: Does it seem impossible? You may feel like your voice is completely different and there are no ways to shape your voice closer to hers. However, there are a few key things you can change to sound closer to her. You may not sing like Dolly Parton exactly, but you'll certainly learn a few things and analyze her voice to make it more like your own! Sing Like Do[...]


How to Sing Like Duffy: 5 Vocal Tips

Top Tips to Sing Like Duffy

Duffy is a Welsh singer/songwriter who made a huge impact on me as a young teen. I wrote about her previously (see that here) after she disappeared, seemingly without explanation, from the music scene almost 10 years ago. Recently, Duffy announced the harrowing, horrible reason behind her departure: she was kidnapped and held hostage for over a month, leading to years of suffering and[...]


Top Free and Paid Ways to Learn Piano

How to Learn Piano

My post today is a guest post by Furqan Ahmed. I'd like to thank him for providing this awesome resource to learn to play the piano! If you're looking for ways to learn how to play piano, check out his tips below! I don't normally write about piano (here is another guest post) but I'm always happy to have others chime in! Top Free and Paid Ways to Learn Piano Learning piano is n[...]


Reading Bars: A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Sheet Music

How to Read Sheet Music for Beginners

If you're a session singer, you'll likely encounter sheet music at some point in your career. If you're a songwriter, you might someday write sheet music. Either way, reading sheet music can be fun and rewarding, and doesn't have to be scary! I'm going to focus on just one part of sheet music today: Bars. This post contains a sponsor, Virtual Sheet Music, Inc. If you buy anything from t[...]


A Complete Guide to Musical Accompaniment

A guide to musical accompaniment

Today begins the first day I go through my list of terms in my book to explain them in greater detail. I’m going to *try* to do this weekly, but go easy on me because I might not actually do that. First up: Accompaniment! What is it, when do you need it, and why do you need to know it?   What is Musical Accompaniment? The accompaniment is basically the “backup” to th[...]


The Top Artists of 2019 & How You Can Be Like Them in 2020

The Top Artists of 2019

The Top Artists of 2019 - let's celebrate them, congratulate them, and learn from them! I do this every year (you can see 2017 here and 2018 here if you want). It's hard to list the "top artists" because that's a controversial topic, but this list comes from Billboard and we're going with that. Here it is if you want to fact check me. Not a shocker, some of these were big last year too, s[...]


On Stage with Deadmau5: Final MasterClass Review

Deadmau5 MasterClass Review

This is my final review of the Deadmau5 MasterClass! I've gone through each segment in previous posts. I was going to do this one and make one final recap, but I decided to just end it with this one in the interest of saving everyone time. I've liked the class so far so I don't think this one class will throw my opinion too far the other way. If you want to see my other posts, here the[...]