Italian Music: A Brief History of the Music of Italy

Italian Music History - The Music of Italy

We're nearing the end of my project, but if you're new here, here's a quick recap: I tested my DNA to see what countries make up my ethnicity, and now I'm researching those countries' music. 23 and Me keeps changing the percentage of my ethnicity, so it's been interesting keeping track of it. My results now are slightly different than my originals, but my Italian percentage is sma[...]


I Took a Class to Learn Singing Harmonies

How to Learn Singing Harmonies

Singing harmonies has always been somewhat of a struggle for me. As a session musician, this is literally part of my job, so that's a problem. My typical process for harmonies would be as follows: Guess at singing something that sounds goodUpon review, realize that I sang a 4th and not a 3rd or 5th (I ALWAYS do this for some reason)Either completely scrap the first harmony, or try to s[...]


A Brief History of Balkan Music

A (Very) Brief History of Balkan Music

We are nearing the end of my DNA project (you can see the beginning here). I've gone through most of my DNA results and researched the music of where I'm from, and the Balkans are a very small percentage of it. If you want to see others, I've done Hungary, Germany, France, Norway and many others. Many countries make up the Balkans, and because it's such a small part of my ethnicity (about[...]


Master Your Voice: A Full Review Project

Online Voice Lessons with Ramsey Voice Studio

A while back, I tried an online voice lesson with Matt Ramsey of Ramsey Voice Studio (you can see that here). I really enjoyed it and got great feedback on it. Several people asked if I planned on doing more lessons with him, and the answer is yes! Kind of. Matt graciously invited me to try his Master Your Voice from Ramsey Voice Studio program in exchange for an honest review. I have[...]


Greek Music: A Brief History of the Music of Greece

A Brief History of the Music of Greece

Ready for some Greek music? We're now getting into the smaller parts of my DNA (here is my original post on this journey). Greece and the Balkans make up about 2.9% of my heritage. That's not a lot (not enough to have a big fat Greek wedding, sadly) but I'm exploring each of them because I enjoy doing this and hopefully you learn a little as well. Let's get into Greece! Greek Music[...]


A Brief History of Finnish Music

Finnish Music History

Time for Finnish Music! I'm digging further into my ethnicity results and getting into the smaller percentages of my DNA now. If you'd like to read about some of my stronger ties (or just other countries in general), check out my posts on French music, German music, or just Google "white people music" and you'll probably find a lot. I am 99.99% white, and the 0.1% is so small they don't e[...]


A Brief History of Norwegian Music

Norwegian Sami Tribe

Norwegian Music time! This is part of my project where I researched my DNA (see initial post here) and now I'm researching the musical history of each country that makes me who I am. My hope is that this will be interesting for you but also inspire you to learn the musical history of where you're from as well! The Music of Norway I have to admit, I was SO EXCITED that this count[...]


A Brief History of Irish Music

Irish Instruments

I'm working my way through my DNA results (you can see the beginning of that project here)! I'm no longer sure what percentage of my DNA is Irish, because I feel like 23 and Me keeps changing my results. I plan on covering every country in my result, but some I've already done. You can see Poland, my first one, here, along with Hungary, France, and England. I also recently did Scotland an[...]


A Brief History of Welsh Music

Welsh Choir Singing

This is a recent addition to my DNA lineup (see the initial project setup here). I got England as one of my results, but over time, 23 and Me has refined the results and now Scotland and Wales are part of my heritage. Let’s jump into it! The Music of Wales I’ll be honest: I wasn’t expecting much from this country. Wales is so small, I thought, “what kind of music culture[...]


A Brief History of Scottish Music

Scottish bagpipes

I'm taking a detour on my DNA project (see the intro here) because my initial results led me to believe I wasn't Scottish at all. I was kind of surprised by that, given my red hair (although I'm Irish as well). But 23 and Me has refined my results and now includes Scotland, specifically Glasgow, and also Wales. So I'm covering Scottish music this week and Wales will be next. The Mu[...]