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How to Sing Like Dolly Parton: 3 Tips to Imitate Her Voice

How to Sing Like Dolly Parton

Sing like Dolly Parton: Does it seem impossible? You may feel like your voice is completely different and there are no ways to shape your voice closer to hers. However, there are a few key things you can change to sound closer to her. You may not sing like Dolly Parton exactly, but you'll certainly learn a few things and analyze her voice to make it more like your own! Sing Like Do[...]


How to Sing Like Duffy: 5 Vocal Tips

Top Tips to Sing Like Duffy

Duffy is a Welsh singer/songwriter who made a huge impact on me as a young teen. I wrote about her previously (see that here) after she disappeared, seemingly without explanation, from the music scene almost 10 years ago. Recently, Duffy announced the harrowing, horrible reason behind her departure: she was kidnapped and held hostage for over a month, leading to years of suffering and[...]


How to Sing Like Amy Winehouse

Tips to Sound Like Amy Winehouse

Want to sing like Amy Winehouse? Here are my best tips to imitate this late great singing icon. Sing Like Amy Winehouse If you'd prefer to watch the tips instead of read, here is my video where I walk through a lot of these tips: Why would someone want to sing like Amy Winehouse? Why not just use their own voice? For starters, I do think you should usually sound[...]


7 Easy Tips to Help Kids Sing On Pitch

How to Help Kids Sing on Pitch

Help Kids Sing! Today's post is brought to us by Zach VanderGraaf who is also from my home state of Michigan! I'm so excited to have him here and I think you'll love his work! I’m tone-deaf!  Or, at least, this is what I hear from adults and kids all the time. Tone deafness is a real thing, but very few people have it.  Chances are, you just need some training, b[...]


How to Create a Home Recording Studio on a Budget

DIY Home Recording Studio

As a musician, you probably know when creative inspiration hits you need to get it out. Having an at-home music studio can be the perfect way to record your ideas. Plus, an in home recording studio can come in handy during times like the 2020 stay at home movement. I know the idea of a recording studio can seem expensive, but today I’m going to walk you through all of my tips and tricks[...]


How to Sing Like Billie Holiday

How to Sing Like Billie Holiday

In order to sing like Billie Holiday, you have to use your voice in specific ways. Billie Holiday is one of the most prolific jazz singers of all time. She has such a unique style and voice that you automatically know it's her. I first learned to imitate other artists by mimicking her, so she remains my favorite artist to "play pretend." I'm going to show you how I do it, and hopefully yo[...]


Reading Bars: A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Sheet Music

How to Read Sheet Music for Beginners

If you're a session singer, you'll likely encounter sheet music at some point in your career. If you're a songwriter, you might someday write sheet music. Either way, reading sheet music can be fun and rewarding, and doesn't have to be scary! I'm going to focus on just one part of sheet music today: Bars. This post contains a sponsor, Virtual Sheet Music, Inc. If you buy anything from t[...]


I Have Misophonia. I’m Also a Voice Actor. Here’s How I Cope.

Tips for Dealing with Misophonia

Misophonia is known as "an intense hatred of sounds that don't seem to bother anyone else." I absolutely hate mouth noises of any kind. The little clicks and pops made by talking, eating and singing. ASMR was created by Satan specifically to torture me. While I've looked into misophonia treatment (it exists, but it's costly and I'm sure it's not covered by my terrible USA insurance),[...]


Alto Session Singers: Where to Find Them and How to Become One

Common Problems for Alto Voices

Today’s topic is the all-important Alto. Instruments can be Altos as well (such as a saxophone), but in my book, I referenced Toni Braxton. I've loved her since I was a kid and if you don't know her work, please check her out if you love amazing R&B! Toni Braxton actually has an incredible range (I know because I own all of her albums) but I used her as an Alto example because I thi[...]


Buy the Best Mic: The Ultimate Guide to Vocal Microphones

Complete Info on Vocal Microphones

I have a guest post today from Dave Tudor, owner of He gives us an incredible, in-depth look at vocal microphones today and I'm happy to have him! As a session singer, I use pretty much exclusively vocal microphones. Whatever type of musician you are, vocal microphones are sure to come across your path at some point. I think you'll love this post, whether you'r[...]