9/30/2019 – I was on Celebrity Tea Podcast to talk about Britney Spears’ Instagram and other fun music industry stuff. It’s nice to just talk about fun stuff sometimes! Check it out here!


6/14/2019 – David Brower had me on his podcast for a talk about my blog and other fun topics! Click here to go to the page!


8/9/2018 – No Labels, No Limits had me on to talk about Tunedly, balancing your right and left brain, being a songwriter and my rabbit. If the player above doesn’t work, you can go to the link directly here:

9/1/2017 – I was live on Confession Radio, where we answered questions in real time and discussed a ton of controversial issues. The replay is  available on iTunes here:

7/28/2017 – Mitch Russo from Your First Thousand Clients Podcast talked with me about what I’ve learned over the years in the music industry:

6/21/2017 – Want to know everything I know about how to break into the business (plus other business advice for musicians)? Check out my interview with Alma Cook of Voices podcast here: 


4/5/2017 – I was interviewed on Confession Radio and had a great time! We talked about my album Zebra Stone, Dan Savage, and gave advice to a listener. You can listen to it right here!

1/10/2017 – Laura Pennington of Better Biz Academy was kind enough to have me on her podcast to discuss creative entrepreneurship:

12/15/2017 – Here is a podcast I did for Now Hear This Entertainment, discussing the music industry and keeping a blog:



10/17/2019 – Music Industry Strategist Laura Schneider interviewed me on her site – check out my interview with her here!

8/4/2019 – Lyricist and blogger Justine Perry interviewed me on her blog. I interviewed her here!

4/20/2019 – My client DocJazz got a review on a project we worked on together. I love it when my clients get good press!

4/19/2019 – A client of mine got a great review on our project!

3/4/2019 – Now Hear This! posted my blog about musicians and their annoying backstory. The original post is on my blog but you can check it out on their site here!

3/1/2019 – My guest post for The Smart Songwriter is about the benefits of collaborating online. Pretty much every musician collaborates online now and there are so many great reasons to do so! 

2/27/2019 – I contributed to this BestLife article about why singers dread performing the National Anthem.

11/27/2018 – My guest post for AirGigs is about how to reduce the number of edits on your music project.

11/7/2018 – A really interesting study about how music unites generations featured my input on what makes artists universally loved across generation gaps.

10/17/2018 – I wrote a guest post for Musician On A Mission about How to Suck Less at Singing (even if you’re really terrible). I’ve been a huge fan of them for years and I’m so honored they chose to have me! You can see their guest post on my blog here also!

9/27/2018 – I contributed to Minuca Elena’s article about Soundproofing, where I spoke about my booth and the techniques I used to make it.

7/1/2018 – I wrote a piece for Reddit’s AMA Feed about How to Grow Your Blog. If you want to see my own blog, check it out here!

6/1/2018 – Sadly, this is the last issue of MY Authentic Life! I’ve had such a great experience writing for this magazine. My final article is about Seven Tips to Handle Your Anger.

5/1/2018 – For the May issue of MY Authentic Life, I wrote about How Crystals Can Help Your Creativity. This is a spin-off of my project, using crystals for vocalists.

4/1/2018 – My April article for MY Authentic Life is about How to Give Your Pets Less Stress. I love writing about animals and I’m so glad MY Magazine lets me do this on occasion!

3/15/2018 – Rock N’ Roll Bride magazine featured my article, How to Take Song Requests at Your Wedding (Without Losing Your Mind) in their March/April issue! The magazine is available in stores in New Zealand and the UK, or you can order a paper copy here!

1/12/2018 – I wrote a piece for Funds for Writers about how writers can become songwriters.

1/1/2018 – My article for MY Authentic Life is about 5 things I’m starting and stopping for 2018. If you want to see my music-related goals for this year, I have a post on those here.

11/5/2017 – I was a guest poster at Black Ghost Audio. My post is about how to get a great vocal performance from your singer.

11/1/2017 – My article for MY Authentic Life is about surviving Thanksgiving and Black Friday as an Introvert

10/1/2017 – For October, my article for My Authentic Life is about how seasons affect our moods

9/14/2017 – I contributed to Nylon Magazine’s article about Taylor Swift’s single “Look What You Made Me Do.” 

9/1/2017 – My September issue for My Authentic Life is about how much I hate the term “Guilty Pleasure” and why we should all just have “pleasures:” 

8/17/2017 – Your Tango quoted me on my favorite romantic love song! Check it out here.

8/2/2017 – I was quoted about Twitter and how I use it for my business in CEO Blog Nation.

8/1/2017 – Here is my August issue for My Authentic Life. This one is really personal about my life’s biggest failures.

7/1/2017 – My July issue for My Authentic Life is about surviving a family road trip (spoiler alert: the music plays a big part!) 

6/7/2017 – An interview I did for Idea Mensch, where I discuss the music industry and my best advice.

6/1/2017 – Eydis Magazine is now called My Authentic Life! Here is my article for their June issue, about celebrating all of your senses.

4/7/2017 – My dogs and I were featured in an article about moving across the country with pets.

4/1/2017 – April’s article for Eydis Authentic Living: How to Handle Criticism

3/1/2017 – My March article for Eydis is about Social Media.

2/1/2017 – My February article for Eydis Magazine is about how to survive parties as an introvert. I have a lot of personal experience with this!

11/21/2016 – I had the pleasure of interviewing singer/songwriter Todd Alsup for Songwriting Magazine. The interview in its entirety is here.

I wrote a guest blog for Now Hear This about writing holiday songs.

This is a music study I participated in, along with an interview at the bottom of the results.

My first article for Songwriting Magazine is available for purchase here or you can download a lo-res copy here.

6/1/2016 – I am a regular contributor for Eydis Magazine, a lifestyle magazine for women. Here is my article for the June 2016 issue and you can see the whole magazine here.

Here is an interview about my book, Way Less Cowbell, with social media expert Wendy McCanse.  

I contributed to Rick Gershman’s piece on electronic music for PopZette.

Here is an article for JobHero called How to Become A Singer. I contributed to this article by Carrie Powers on the best tips and tricks to start a career in singing.

My book Way Less Cowbell was featured in The Huffington Post as an example of a great book title. Check out the article and the other featured authors here.



6/14/18 – This is a review of my original songs by Rockbadger.

Here is a review of an album I sang on, it is a photo download available here.

This is a review of an album I was hired to sing on. I get a few shout-outs but the review is overall about the project.

“Mella is a singer/songwriter whose pop music reflects a complicated life and a myriad of feelings. That’s one reason I identify so strongly with her songs: We often don’t know what life will throw at us or how we’ll react to it. Mella’s songs are beautifully crafted, from her fluid lyrics to the mix of keyboard, acoustic guitars and solid beats that back them up. Her vocals are lovely, reminiscent of Sara Bareilles at times and of Feist at others. Mella also has the enviable ability to write metaphorical lyrics that roll off the tongue. Her most joyful tune, “Tangerine,” is a love song that showcases this lyricism. Her other tunes show a more ambivalent side: “Outer Space” describes the excitement and uncertainty of taking a leap of faith and leaving one’s past behind, and “It’s Complicated” is, well, complicated. One of my favorite songs, “Brother,” may be autobiographical in its depiction of triumphing against the worst odds. Its catchy, rolling beat remind me of Carole King and more recent Ingrid Michaelson tunes. “Find Me” is another favorite; a beautiful tribute of a love song. If there’s one video to watch today, It’s Mella’s live recording of “It’s Complicated,” which I’ve linked to below. Only accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Mella’s perfect vocal is candid and rare.
– TIW Music

OK, i’m excited!! I just bartered for the rights to use a song called “Tangerine” by awesome indie artist Mella,, for possibly a session of Mixing Lessons/Audio Sessions. OK, so envision all of those cool quirky pop songs they use for Apple commercials. this is that. Only this has a super cool factor attached because its also all live instruments. all live quirky unique instruments, plus a quirky singer and a really fun song. Its going to be an excellent session of mixing lessons and as importantly, its going to be a great experience for you folks at home to be able to do your own mix of this song. I guarantee you that you haven’t come across some of these instruments in a mix session.
– Ken Lewis, Engineer for Jay-Z, Kanye West, et. al.

A voice with a mix of Natalie Merchant and Colbie Caillat with a touch of soul. Deep, powerful songwriting reminiscent of Joni Mitchell. These comparisons are just a few of Mella’s influences.
– BlogTalk Radio



I made another guest video for Airgigs on how to imitate voices.

AirGigs hosted me on a guest video post about how to choose the right session singer.

I am a session musician coach with Pivot Planet. I coach people who want to get into session work and running a business. If you’re interested or curious, you can learn more here!

Here is my performance at the 2018 International Pop Festival! We start at about 5 minutes in and the show is just under 30 minutes. 

I did an interview about my session singing for Tunedly here

I am a contributor for the Deserve to Thrive summit, an 8-week course about goal-setting and growing through a difficult time in your life. You can see my blog post about it here and see the options to sign up here!

I am a SheSource expert for media interview purposes, available to give tips, information and opinions on the industry. My profile is available here.

Ken Lewis, famed mixer for Lady Gaga, Kanye West, and pretty much everyone else, taught a class on my song Tangerine! Here’s his write-up on the song and info on the class.