Chakras for Musicians and Creatives


A fun eBook to help you learn about and align your chakras creatively.



My latest book is about how to examine and align your chakras to enhance your art.

Chakras are energy centers located within and around the body. Creatives and musicians are highly sensitive individuals who may be more in tune to their chakras than most. This book is a simple, yet fun exploration into the seven major chakras. You’ll learn how each of these affects your creativity and discover how you can use your creative nature to bring each chakra in alignment.¬†When your body is in alignment and fully present in the moment, you’ll discover a deeper connection to your music or art. You’ll find it easier to connect to your inner guides and make better artistic decisions. Most importantly, you’ll learn more about yourself as an individual. This is the greatest asset to your creative work, and to your life as a whole.