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Pro Female Session Singer for Hire

Do you need a polished, professional female voice to take your song to the next level? Are you looking for someone to draw the listener in and connect with the emotions of your song? Do you need reassurance that you’ll get professional-quality product, delivered on time and to your exact needs?

I have a ton of experience with session singing. Any genre, including folk, pop, jazz, EDM, whatever you need! Here is what you’ll receive from me:

  • Raw WAV files (unless otherwise requested)

  • Clean files with no background noise

  • Fully flexible terms (contact for info)

  • All of my years of session singing and business experience (over 10 years)

  • Song feedback and critique if requested



Do you need a confident, professional-sounding female to give your brand some authority? Do you have a tight deadline and need to work with a pro who can deliver quality vocals quickly? Need extras, like vocal editing or music included?

I can deliver done-for-you vocals for your commercial, presentation or narration. I’ve also done character voices and cartoons, so whatever you need is possible! 


Here is what you’ll receive when working with me for voice acting:

  • High-quality WAV files

  • Clean files free of background noise 

  • Any edits or changes needed

  • Can also add or edit music if needed

Reviews from former clients:

"I was absolutely delighted with both the vocals and the support that Mella provided for my first ever project. I was very apprehensive about hiring a professional singer and did a lot of research into who would be the best fit. Mella absolutely stood out a mile both in terms of the quality of the vocals and also in the step by step guide she gave even before hiring! During the project, her communication was first class and at all times, I felt like I was being given personal attention which resulted in my song being completed not only quickly, but to very high standard. The melodies and harmonies are excellent and overall, I could not have wished for any more. I would strongly recommend Mella to anyone looking for a first-class vocalist."
Robert Quigley
Songwriter, Scotland
"Mella is truly amazing. Not only supremely talented and the owner of the best-tuned voice I know, with an impeccable sense of pitch, she proves over and over again her commitment to a project once she has taken it on. I am so pleased to have had access to this amazing human being with such an incredible voice and attitude. Thank you, Mella."
ML Dunn at Piano
ML Dunn
Songwriter, UK
"The fact I’ve been working regularly with Mella for four years says it all - I can’t imagine using a different singer for any of my songs. I work across a variety of genres, from rock to electronic via folk and metal - and Mella is able to fit in perfectly with whatever style I’m exploring that week! She’s fantastic at both interpreting my instructions and coming up with ideas of her own, which always elevate the song. A total pleasure to work with, she always goes far beyond my own expectations in terms of what she delivers. Here's to the next four years, and beyond!"
"Mella is one of the most professional vocalists I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Her voice is incredible, her work ethic amazing, her business practice is on point as well. She worked and communicated with me the entire time so I was comfortable. And her final delivery was more than I could've ever dreamed. I write a lot of songs and if I could afford it, I would use her twice a week. I can't wait to work with her again. Thanks again Mella…..it was an amazing journey."
Brad Kisslinger
Songwriter, USA

Songwriting and Toplining

I’ve done a lot of co-writing and toplining over the years, but Zebra Stone is my first album of originals. Here is the link to it on Spotify:

If you don’t have Spotify, here is the full album on YouTube:

Zebra Stone is available to buy at my store here, on iTunesBandcamp, or pretty much anywhere you prefer to get your music!

When you work with me as a Topliner, here is what you’ll receive:

  • I will work closely with you to develop the melody and lyrics

  • You can have as much or as little input as you prefer

  • Once you’re happy with the writing, I will then move onto singing

  • See session singing above for what you’ll receive in voice files

I offer business coaching for session musicians and voice actors. Most of my lessons are geared toward the business aspect of it, but we can discuss anything you want! 

Here are some topics we can cover:

  • Marketing

  • Gear/Setup

  • Branding

  • Social Media

  • Voice Techniques

  • Business Plans

Please note, I am not an accountant or lawyer. While I can point you in the right direction or help you develop a plan, I cannot give legal advice. 

I minored in Journalism and have a lot of on-camera experience, but now I just make YouTube videos for fun and to support my business.

Here are just a few of the videos I upload weekly to my YouTube channel. I also upload videos about animals, being a Type 1 diabetic, and other personal stuff. I only add the music-related videos here, for obvious reasons, but if you’d like to stay updated with all of my videos please meet me over there! Thanks so much for watching!

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