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A Brief History of Irish Music

Irish Instruments

I'm working my way through my DNA results (you can see the beginning of that project here)! I'm no longer sure what percentage of my DNA is Irish, because I feel like 23 and Me keeps changing my results. I plan on covering every country in my result, but some I've already done. You can see Poland, my first one, here, along with Hungary, France, and England. I also recently did Scotland an[...]


A Brief History of Scottish Music

Scottish bagpipes

I'm taking a detour on my DNA project (see the intro here) because my initial results led me to believe I wasn't Scottish at all. I was kind of surprised by that, given my red hair (although I'm Irish as well). But 23 and Me has refined my results and now includes Scotland, specifically Glasgow, and also Wales. So I'm covering Scottish music this week and Wales will be next. The Mu[...]