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My Best Days as a Session Singer

The Best Days as a Session Singer to inspire Session Musicians and Songwriters

It's hard to pick just one "best day" as a session singer, but I have a couple that instantly come to mind. I really love what I do and am lucky to do it! I love session singing. It’s my full-time career, my passion and, I believe, my purpose. Giving a voice to someone’s song is such an incredible thing and very rewarding. Now, many singers disagree with me. They only want to sing their own songs, and couldn’t imaging putting their heart and soul into music they didn’t create. That’s okay! This job isn’t for everyone (nor is any job, really). I also[...]


Alto Session Singers: Where to Find Them and How to Become One

How to find or become an Alto session singer!

  Today’s topic is the all-important Alto. Instruments can be Altos as well (such as a saxophone), but in my book, I referenced Toni Braxton. I've loved her since I was a kid and if you don't know her work, please check her out if you love amazing R&B! Toni Braxton actually has an incredible range (I know because I own all of her albums) but I used her as an Alto example because I think most people know her by her lower range. I included this in the book because I’ve been contacted by clients asking me to sing an “alto” song, but it was actua[...]