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Reba McEntire’s MasterClass – Reba Teaches Singing

A Review of Reba McEntire's Singing MasterClass

This is part three of my full review of the Reba McEntire MasterClass. You can see all of the parts in order here: Course Intro Songwriting Singing Recording Performing Live Student Sessions The Country Music Industry Building a Career Final Review My Cover and Review of "Whoever's In New England" The beginning of this video starts with Reba saying that even people who can’t sing can be successful singers with the right hit. It’s funny, true, and sort of sad all at the same time. I mean, I guess it’s not “sad” if you[...]


The Reba McEntire MasterClass – A Review for Singers and Songwriters

A New Project Where I Review the Reba McEntire MasterClass

Yes yes, I’m starting a new music project! This is another MasterClass, so yes, this will be an affiliate link. I’ve done Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass already (you can check it out here) and did a full series on it. Many found it helpful so I thought, why not try it again? MasterClass has a BUNCH of music teachers, as well as actors, chefs, writers, or anything else you want to learn! I’m excited to start this new project with you! The project is now finished, so you can see all of the parts here: Course Intro Songwriting Singing Recor[...]


Nominated for APRA Country Music Awards

Country music award nomination

I am so excited to share this news with you! Last year, I worked with New Zealand-based country artist Ginny Peters for her album. I was hired to arrange and perform background harmonies on her songs. One of these songs, "Reasons to Stay," has been nominated for an APRA Award for Best Country Music Song this year! How I arrange harmonies: First, I listen to the song several times. I get a feel for the emotions of the track and what the writer is trying to portray. I listen to the main vocal and plan how I can best highlight the song. Second, I begin[...]