New Acoustic Cover – “I Thought I Knew it All” by Megadeth

An acoustic cover of Megadeth's "I Thought I Knew It All"

I'm excited to share this new song and video with you! If you'll recall, last year I did an acoustic cover of "All At Once" by Whitney Houston (you can check it out here if you want!) I grew up listening to Whitney Houston. I did not, however, grow up listening to Megadeth. My partner/co-writer, Aman, is a huge fan. He was kind enough to do the Whitney cover with me, so I did the Megadeth cover for him. One thing I learned while making this cover is how interesting Dave Mustaine's melodies are. I'd never think to create a melodic structure the way he does, a[...]


How Whitney Houston Shaped My Career as a Session Singer

Since today is Whitney Houston's birthday, I wanted to pay tribute to her and show how much she has influenced my career. I also made a cover of one of her songs at the end! Whitney Elizabeth Houston. Whitney Houston. Whitney. You guys. Young kids probably don’t remember the gift that was Whitney Houston, but she was to me what Ariana Grande is to you (I love her too, I’m just saying she wasn’t around when I was a kid). #Old I’m not going to give you a long background or biopic on Whitney Houston. There are plenty of articles about that, as well a[...]


Far Away Cover

A cover of Far Away by Nickelback featuring Mella

I have a confession: I don't hate Nickelback. Never have. I even own a song or two. Feel free to click away and hate me if you must, BUT before you go, consider that polarity is what makes people famous. Meaning, your hate for them contributes to their fame as much as their fans' undying love. You think the Kardashians stay famous because everyone loves them? Does Justin Bieber stay popular because he never ruffles any feathers? The answer to all of those questions is a resounding NO. Everett Ave, a super talented producer duo from Boston, contacted me with a r[...]