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New Release: Snowcone Remix

Snowcone Remix with Vocals

I am so nervous to share my Snowcone remix with you, but I want to show you the process! I recently took the Deadmau5 MasterClass (you can see the first post here with a list of all further steps). Our assignment was to create our own remix of Snowcone, so I'm going to share it with you here! At the bottom, I'll post some links in case you want to take the MasterClass yourself. These are affiliate links, so I'll make a small percentage if you take them through me! Thanks for allowing me to continue to make these reviews! My Snowcone Remix My first[...]


Mixing & Mastering EDM Music: Deadmau5 MasterClass Review Part 6

Deadmau5 Mixing Tips

Welcome back to another MasterClass review! If you've missed any of the posts thus far, feel free to check them out here: Pt 1 - IntroPt 2 - Building a Home StudioPt 3 - SynthsPt 4 - Making BeatsPt 5 - Remixes We are now on Part 6, which is all about mixing and mastering. Mixing in and of itself is such a huge concept that it would take multiple MasterClasses to learn them all. However, I did learn some good tips here that I'm excited to share with you! Just so you know, MasterClass is an affiliate. That means that if you choose to take the class through[...]


Structuring Songs and Remixing: Deadmau5 MasterClass Review Part 5

Learn Remixing and Reworking Songs with Deadmau5

We're halfway through the class and I'm excited to share this part with you! This week is all about remixing (or "reworking") songs and a terrifying assignment I have. Before we get started, I just need to let you know that this is an affiliate post. That means if you take the class through one of my links, I'll make a small percentage off of your pay. You won't pay any extra, it will just throw me a couple of dollars. Just so you know! Reworking and Remixing Songs Before we begin, please let me know if you're taking the MasterClass too! Struct[...]