Duffy Singer


A Brief History of Welsh Music

Welsh Choir Singing

This is a recent addition to my DNA lineup (see the initial project setup here). I got England as one of my results, but over time, 23 and Me has refined the results and now Scotland and Wales are part of my heritage. Let’s jump into it! The Music of Wales I’ll be honest: I wasn’t expecting much from this country. Wales is so small, I thought, “what kind of music culture could they even have?” Boy, was I incredibly wrong. Although Wales is small, it has a TON of musical history and current artists. I am so glad I took the time to look into it![...]


A Celebration of Duffy – A Singer Who Shaped My Career

A Recap of Duffy's Brief but Beautiful Music Career

I talk about Whitney Houston pretty often on this blog (ranking her songs, covering one, reviewing films) but today I want to pivot and talk about a singer who was only briefly in the spotlight. Her presence, however, made an enormous impact on me as a singer and as a person. I'm going to talk about her incredible album "Rockferry," give you some info on her life, and cover her song here in this post. I included her Spotify playlist here if you want to check her out! I would call her either a soulful Britney Spears meets Billy Holiday, or a more upbeat Adele.[...]