The Ultimate List of Pisces Singers and Songwriters

We're in Pisces, which is the 12th and final sign of the astrological calendar (even though it takes place in February, which is kinda weird? Like, shouldn't it be at the end of the year?) Pisces are known as 'fish' and are compassionate dreamers, but also naive and overly trusting. As always, please let me know if I've missed your favorite Pisces! Tweet me or leave a comment and let me[...]


Six (Totally Cynical) Signs You’ll Succeed in the Music Industry

How to Know if You'll Succeed in the Music Industry!

I’m making this list for two reasons: 1). To make you laugh, and 2). I see waaaay too many of these lists that have the most basic, stupid answers. “You have good taste in music” might be an important quality, but it is in no way a guarantee you’ll make it big. Lists like these are popular in every industry. I see them for female entrepreneurs as well. If one of the signs I’ll ma[...]


How 2017’s Top Artists Made it Big, and How You Can Too

How 2017's Top Artists Became Successful

As of writing this post, I looked at Billboard's top-selling artists of this year and they are, in order: 1). Taylor Swift 2). Ed Sheeran 3). Post Malone 4). Pentatonix 5). Imagine Dragons 6). Sam Smith 7). Garth Brooks 8). P!nk 9). Demi Lovato 10). Bruno Mars If you’re wondering, “Wait, where’s (other huge artist)?” These are the top artists as of October 2017. Most of[...]