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Why Every Musician Should Have Business Cards

Business Cards - do you have them? Do you use them? Think they’re boring and outdated? Give me to the end of this article to try to change your mind! Also, there is a ghost in my house and I might have video evidence (this is related, I promise). I was doing an interview a while back and they asked me what are the most important things musicians should have for marketing. When I mentioned business cards, they scoffed like I was crazy. “People still use business cards??” Recently, I got an email from an industry expert who mentioned business cards as being[...]


New Music Video for My Song, Café

An acoustic jazz video of coffee shop love

It's been a minute since I've made a music video, and I've had that creative itch for some time now! We at Brain Stamp are working on a new jazz album (or EP, depending on how many tracks we end up writing). I loved working on our track Café from our last album and wanted to make a video for it to tie it into the new songs. There were several setbacks here: 1). I don't have money to blow on an expensive video, and 2). I don't have a lot of time to put into making one. If you've seen my video for Tangerine, you know I'm a big fan of DIY. I wanted to do some[...]


The Coda: A Breakdown of a (Sometimes Tricky) Musical Symbol

What is a coda in sheet music?

The coda is another sheet music term, which again you don’t need to know if you’re a writer or musician who doesn’t read/write sheet music. If you do want to know though, the coda is an important part of letting the performer know where the song is going. When do I need to know about the coda? Sheet music is confusing enough, but then you add a bunch of weird symbols at the top of it and it's a nightmare. I get it! I've been reading sheet music since 5th grade so it was a while ago, but I remember being frustrated and confused. Here's a picture of the[...]


Another Review of Electric Fits: Opposable Thumbs

Another review for Electric Fits: Opposable Thumbs

Here’s a review of Electric Fits in Vive Le Rock magazine! I definitely appreciate the comment about "the beautiful, soaring vocals!" I’m so excited for Walt and all that he’s accomplished with this project. I’m glad people are having as much fun listening to it as I did recording it! Here are some other posts I've made about this project: Another Review Here, and a blog about the whole project here. You can also see my Press page for more reviews and other projects I've done![...]


New Release: The Hymn to the Lost and Wicked Souls

New song release for author Jeremy Dwyer

We had the pleasure of creating and performing the music for author Jeremy Dwyer for his latest book release. The song can be heard by clicking on this link. Here is the information from the website about the book and song: The Hymn to the Lost and Wicked Souls is a song of spiritual redemption, that calls the souls of the dead to repentance for their wicked deeds in life. It urges them to turn to God’s ways, admitting their own sins. It also calls spirits to rest, rather than wage war, so that they do not haunt the living. This was written by the character n[...]


Walking with Ghosts

Session Singer Mella Barnes in Nashville

So I had a few free hours last night, and not being one to sit around in the hotel, I decided to go on a Nashville ghost tour. I’m so glad I did. The weather was beautiful (a drastic change from Detroit lately), the guide was nice and funny, and I learned a lot about the history of the city! I did not drape string lights over my hoodie, but wouldn't it have been cool if I did? Everyone would have been so impressed. Here are a few Nashville facts (that I didn’t fact check but the guide told me, so I’m just repeating them because I’m assuming they’[...]