Why Everyone Should See “The Girls in the Band” on Hulu

Why Everyone Should See "The Girls in the Band"

I'm a big fan of documentaries and memoirs; all the more so if they are about musicians. The Girls in the Band is an incredible documentary about female instrumentalists in big bands. It's currently on Hulu, and everyone should see it. This movie explores racism, ageism and sexism in the music industry, through interviews with women about their experiences. I grew up with my dad's parents, who were big band enthusiasts. Miles Davis, Benny Goodman, and Glenn Miller were three of their staples. As for females, they were all singers: Judy Garland, Billie Holid[...]


New Acoustic Cover – “I Thought I Knew it All” by Megadeth

An acoustic cover of Megadeth's "I Thought I Knew It All"

I'm excited to share this new song and video with you! If you'll recall, last year I did an acoustic cover of "All At Once" by Whitney Houston (you can check it out here if you want!) I grew up listening to Whitney Houston. I did not, however, grow up listening to Megadeth. My partner/co-writer, Aman, is a huge fan. He was kind enough to do the Whitney cover with me, so I did the Megadeth cover for him. One thing I learned while making this cover is how interesting Dave Mustaine's melodies are. I'd never think to create a melodic structure the way he does, a[...]


An Exciting (Personal) Update!

Songwriter Mella announces new music to be released soon

I had to put (personal) in the title because I don't want you to think that this is an update that will impact or benefit you in any way. But it might! I sincerely hope it will. As you may know, I do session singing and songwriting full time. It's great and I love it, but it leaves me very little time to work on my own music. I would say that for every 30 songs I do for a client, I do half of one for myself. I usually don't even have time to finish it, and it sits forgotten in a folder for months. In addition to session singing and songwriting, I work with[...]


6 Reasons for Songwriters to Hire A Session Singer

Why a pro session singer is better than a great performer for your recording project

I hear this all the time: "Eh, I'll just do it myself, I have a decent voice." "My cousin sings well, everyone tells her she's great, she can do it!" "Why should I pay someone when I can get my neighbor to do it for free?" Well my friends, I have some responses to all of these and more! What is a Session Singer? Let's get the definition down before we go any further. A session singer is someone who is hired to sing on studio projects. They may also be artists, performers or songwriters themselves, but a session singer is someone who is experienced and active[...]


New Music Video for My Song, Café

An acoustic jazz video of coffee shop love

It's been a minute since I've made a music video, and I've had that creative itch for some time now! We at Brain Stamp are working on a new jazz album (or EP, depending on how many tracks we end up writing). I loved working on our track Café from our last album and wanted to make a video for it to tie it into the new songs. There were several setbacks here: 1). I don't have money to blow on an expensive video, and 2). I don't have a lot of time to put into making one. If you've seen my video for Tangerine, you know I'm a big fan of DIY. I wanted to do some[...]


Tenor Session Singers: Where to Find Them and How to Become One

How to hire or become a tenor session singer

If you read my post on Soprano Session Singers recently, this one will be pretty similar. Today though, we're going to be discussing tenor session singers. Tenor Session Singers: A Breakdown   What are tenor session singers? The tenor part of a choir is the male vocal that is "higher" on the scale. Some tenor singers can go into the alto range for females (and vice versa) or can dip down into the bass range. This is where it tends to get complicated for songwriters. If you're a songwriter, you may be looking for a tenor session singer for your proj[...]


New Single: Cloudy Glass produced by R4NYTE Entertainment

New single by R4NYTE featuring Mella

I've worked with the incredible R4NYTE before and was happy to work with him again. Cloudy Glass was a fun project! I didn't know they'd be adding a male singer to it until it was released, but I like having several singers on a track. I think it provides the listener with a nice variety and mixes things up a little. Here is the video for Cloudy Glass: You may notice I sound a little different in this track (not my usual voice). That was a stylistic decision I made because I felt my natural voice was a little too "light" for the song. I decided to place my v[...]


Soprano Session Singers: Where to Find Them and How to Become One

How to hire or be a soprano session singer

If you're reading this, you're probably either searching for a session singer or curious about becoming one. I'll start with the question I get frequently: "Are you a soprano session singer?" and my answer is always, "it depends." Let's explore what to ask when hiring a soprano session singer.   What to ask a soprano session singer A soprano is a singer who sings higher notes. However, the term "soprano" is very relative. Mariah Carey could be classified as a soprano, but she has a five-octave range, so she could very easily be considered an alto as[...]


The Coda: A Breakdown of a (Sometimes Tricky) Musical Symbol

What is a coda in sheet music?

The coda is another sheet music term, which again you don’t need to know if you’re a writer or musician who doesn’t read/write sheet music. If you do want to know though, the coda is an important part of letting the performer know where the song is going. When do I need to know about the coda? Sheet music is confusing enough, but then you add a bunch of weird symbols at the top of it and it's a nightmare. I get it! I've been reading sheet music since 5th grade so it was a while ago, but I remember being frustrated and confused. Here's a picture of the[...]


Another Review of Electric Fits: Opposable Thumbs

Another review for Electric Fits: Opposable Thumbs

Here’s a review of Electric Fits in Vive Le Rock magazine! I definitely appreciate the comment about "the beautiful, soaring vocals!" I’m so excited for Walt and all that he’s accomplished with this project. I’m glad people are having as much fun listening to it as I did recording it! Here are some other posts I've made about this project: Another Review Here, and a blog about the whole project here. You can also see my Press page for more reviews and other projects I've done![...]