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5 Things to Think About Before Hiring a Session Singer

Top Things to Consider Before Hiring a Session Singer

Hiring a session singer is usually near the end of a songwriting project. However, sometimes people are so excited to get to the end that they fast forward through important steps. This can lead to confusion, mistakes and retakes, so it's important to make sure you have these steps cleared before hiring a session singer! Hiring a Session Singer If you're not sure if you even need a session singer, check out this post on why a session singer is important for your song. By the time you're ready to hire a session musician, you likely are so excited to g[...]


I Took a Class to Learn Singing Harmonies

How to Learn Singing Harmonies

Singing harmonies has always been somewhat of a struggle for me. As a session musician, this is literally part of my job, so that's a problem. My typical process for harmonies would be as follows: Guess at singing something that sounds goodUpon review, realize that I sang a 4th and not a 3rd or 5th (I ALWAYS do this for some reason)Either completely scrap the first harmony, or try to salvage it another way Sometimes clients will give me the song key, but I'm not great with theory so that doesn't always help. Since my whole blog is basically trying diffe[...]


My Best Days as a Session Singer

The Best Days as a Session Singer to inspire Session Musicians and Songwriters

It's hard to pick just one "best day" as a session singer, but I have a couple that instantly come to mind. I really love what I do and am lucky to do it! I love session singing. It’s my full-time career, my passion and, I believe, my purpose. Giving a voice to someone’s song is such an incredible thing and very rewarding. Now, many singers disagree with me. They only want to sing their own songs, and couldn’t imaging putting their heart and soul into music they didn’t create. That’s okay! This job isn’t for everyone (nor is any job, really). I also[...]