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Building a Home Studio with Deadmau5: MasterClass Review Part 2

Part 2 of a Full Review of the Deadmau5 MasterClass

This is the second installment of my Deadmau5 MasterClass review (see part one here) (link). Today we are covering a few things but the main area of focus is on building your own home studio. I'll tell you about mine and give you all of Deadmau5's top tips! This is an affiliate post, which means that if you choose to sign up using one of my links, I'll make a small percentage of what y[...]


The Deadmau5 MasterClass – A Review

Find out if the Deadmau5 MasterClass is worth the money!

I have a new project, the Deadmau5 MasterClass! I've previously done Christina Aguilera's (see here) and Reba McEntire's (see here), so I'm excited to start this new one! I’m in a weird spot with my projects right now. My DNA project (where I research the musical history of my ethnicity results, see here) is ongoing, but the research takes a lot of time so I can’t put out regular c[...]