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7 Easy Tips for Musicians to Create Great YouTube Videos

7 Tips to Improve Your YouTube Content

This is part of my YouTube series where I try every week to learn more about growing my YouTube channel. You can check out my other links here! Today’s topic: How to rock your content and make videos that people can’t wait to watch. Tips for Creating Great YouTube Content The class I’m taking didn’t mention any actual content topics, so you’ll have to come with content ideas prepared, I guess. I might make a post about content ideas in case you get stuck, but for now, let’s take the ideas you do have and make them awesome: 1). Focus on Musi[...]


YouTube Hacks for Musicians – Should You Buy Views?

This is part of my YouTube Series, where I analyze what makes YouTube channels grow and how musicians can maximize this info for their benefit. You can see my entire series so far here, here and here. Today we’re comparing two YouTube helper apps: TubeBuddy and VidIQ. We’ll also discuss whether or not buying fake views and subscribers is worth it. TubeBuddy vs VidIQ If you haven’t heard of these, they are browser extensions that will help you grow your YouTube channel. They give you things like tag suggestions, an upload checklist to maximize your vide[...]


7 Things to Consider Before Signing Your Kids Up for Music Lessons

I've got another guest post this week, from Vincent at Music To Your Home (you can check out his info at the end) - I don't have any kids and have no idea what to do with them, but some of you might have a child who is musically inclined. Kids and music tend to go hand-in-hand (I also have a Pinterest Board about teaching music). When Vincent brought me this topic, I thought it would be great to pass it along to you guys in case you're curious! If you've got kids and you love music, let's see how we can bring them together: If your kid loves music the way most[...]


7 Steps to Mixing Background Vocals That Sound Radio-Ready

A Step-by-Step Guide to Mixing Radio-Ready Background Vocals!

YOU GUYS I am so excited! I've been a huge fan of Musician On A Mission for years. I subscribe to the YouTube Channel and I take the courses, so when they contacted me about a guest post, I was all over it! Today's post is about mixing background vocals, written by Dylan, a songwriter and producer. I'll have more info on him at the end of the article, but I'll let him take it from here:     Background vocals are one of the most important elements of a good song. They fill out the sound of the lead vocal, making it feel larger than life. But po[...]


YouTube Videos with the Most Views (and How You Can Be Like Them)

YouTube Views: We all need them. Musicians need to have their songs heard to grow their fanbase and reach more people. As part of my YouTube experiment, I want to see what the most popular videos are, and why they’re so popular. I’m going to analyze each one of the top ten videos and discuss how they were made. We'll also discuss the lessons we can learn from each of them and see how to apply their success to you.  Let's talk about a few things first: These are the top ten videos currently, as of writing this post. I won't be updating this so please don't co[...]


YouTube for Musicians: How to Become a Viral Star

Tips and Ideas for Musicians Wanting to Grow Their YouTube Page

I prepared my next singing challenge before the end of my Posture Support Challenge, which was to grow one of my social media accounts. Sure, this may seem like a selfish experiment, but a). you could argue that they all are, and b). My goal for this project was to find tips and tricks for musicians to grow a social media account. All musicians need social media accounts, as is discussed in my interview with a social media manager here. Come with me on my journey to becoming a YouTube expert! How Musicians Can Grow their YouTube There are many reasons to[...]


How to Create a Secret Website Section for Your Biggest Fans

A Complete Guide to Creating a Secret Resource for Fans!

This website has been through several phases during my career. The beginning was one my producer paid a coder from Fiverr to do (it was terrible). Then I took things into my own hands and build a Wix site. I liked how easy it was, but it lacked several key personalization features I needed. Then I moved to a wordpress.com site, but that was also limited in what I could do. I also went through several hosting sites (GoDaddy was by far the worst). Finally, I made the switch to my current website and I’m very happy with it. It’s a one-stop-shop for clients, fans,[...]


How Wearing a Posture Brace Can Improve Your Singing

How a Posture Corrector Can Improve Your Singing

I’ll openly admit it: I don’t have great posture. I used to model when I was a kid/teenager, so I think I still carry some of that stance with me, but overall I sit like one of the first people on the human evolution chart: In my defense, I feel that desks are not designed for modern use. Our computers have changed so much in recent years, and yet our desks are still the same design from 1918. And don’t give me the standing desk speech, because I refuse to stand while working. I won’t do it. I know it’s better for me and I’ll live longer and blah bl[...]


10 Ideas to Write a Song About Someone You Love

If you’re a songwriter, you’ve probably written a love song at least once. It’s by far the most common song topic, whether it’s about falling in love, breaking up, or rekindling a romance. Today, I’d like to focus simply on someone you love. This does not have to be a significant other. People often contact me to write songs for their parents, children or friends. A ‘loved one’ for this post's purpose is simply someone you love, whether platonically or otherwise. If you’re going to write a song for someone, it’s important to make it unique to th[...]


I’m Friends With My Co-Writer But They Aren’t Pulling Their Weight. Help!

"My co-writer is not contributing enough to our song. How should I handle it?" This question pops up often in my songwriting circles. Whether it’s a producer, co-writer or band member, people are unsure of what to do when their friends aren’t contributing enough to the project. I’ve experienced this on both sides before, and I’m going to give you some tips on how to handle this issue and (hopefully) remain friends. When Your Co-Writer Isn’t Doing Their Share First, let’s talk about the times when I’ve been that person who wasn’t pulling m[...]