A Brief History of French Music

A Brief History of French Music

If you've been following my DNA journey, you might have already seen my posts about the music of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine. Those four made up a large chunk of my heritage, but I actually think the biggest percentage is French. I'm excited to get into this one! French Music History So right off the bat, France is a much easier country to research than the previous f[...]


An Interview with Sidney B

Interview with artist Sidney B

Sidney B has a great website, great merch and great music. What's not to love? Check him out here! Sidney B If you enjoy this interview, please let Sidney know! First, I love your website! Not a lot of artists have great websites and it was nice to see yours. Did you design it? Yes I designed it! I’m glad you liked it, Thank you. I tried to make it interactive and I ho[...]


An Interview with Danielle Hollobaugh

Session singer Mella Barnes interviews Danielle Hollobaugh

I met Danielle on Facebook and was blown away by how similar we are. Both session singers, both animal lovers, similar outlooks on life - I feel like I have a session singing sister! I'm really excited to introduce you to her; I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do! Danielle Hollobaugh Before we start this, I just need to note that this interview focuses less on music and mor[...]


A Brief History of Polish Music

A History of Polish Music

I recently tested my DNA to find where I'm from (you can see that post here), and this began a new project where I explore the musical side of my heritage. Today we're covering Poland! I had no idea I was Polish, so I've learned a lot about me thus far. Poland has a really interesting musical history, but I've tried to condense it into the most interesting bits. Polish Music Obv[...]


A Journey of My Musical Heritage: Is Music Talent in DNA?

Is Music Talent in DNA? I Tested it to Find Out

This is my newest project, and I hope you'll join me as I explore the musical history of my ancestors. If you share any with me, perhaps you'll learn about your own as well! As far back as my family goes, we’ve always been musical. My dad is a drummer and played with Tony Bennett, Santana and many others. My grandma played the organ, and my great grandma was a piano player in sil[...]


Interview with Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent

Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent interview with Mella Barnes

I've been interested in learning more about fellow artists lately, so I hope you'll enjoy these interviews! This week I'm speaking with Jordan Esker about his band, Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent. This Florida-based band gets a ton of press coverage and made an amazing music video for pennies, so I thought they'd be a great and interesting resource! Photo Credit: Shane Valentin[...]


An Interview with Singer/Songwriter Francie

An Interview with Singer/Songwriter Francie on inspiration, regrets and advice

I met Francie the good old-fashioned way: on the internet. Her single "Your Way" captivated me, not only with the music but the image for the cover. After interviewing her, I like her even more. She's brilliant, introspective and I can feel the creativity pouring out of her words. I am so glad she agreed to an interview and I'm excited to introduce you to her! So glad you're here,[...]


Alternative Therapies for Singers

Trying 3 Alternative Therapies for #Singers and #Vocalists

This week is officially “healing week,” with a string of health-related services I tried to test their effects on my singing. If you’re new here, I do a lot of different experiments to see how my voice will react. I’ve tried cupping therapy, Christina Aguilera’s and Reba McEntire's Masterclass, crystal therapy, and several others. This week I did three mini trials[...]