Your Throat Chakra and Music

Tips for creatives to align the Throat Chakra using music

Standard beginning: If you missed my post about why I’m writing about these, check that out here. Otherwise, let’s get started! Your Throat Chakra is located in your throat. I know it’s hard to figure that one out, haha. It’s actually throughout that entire area of your body though, and it’s important not to simply focus all of your energy on the throat area for this chakra. T[...]


My Interview with Voices Podcast is Live!

Voice Acting | Session Singer | How To

Voices podcast is an awesome resource for vocalists of all kinds. Alma Cook runs the show and she is not only a great resource for vocalists, she's also an incredible musician herself. Here is the link to our interview: http://www.voicescast.com/how-to-become-a-session-singer/ and I will also put it on my Press Page here. If you're not a podcast person, there is also a cliff no[...]


Meditation For Musicians: Quiet That Musical Mind!

3 easy ideas to help musicians meditate

Today, I want to talk about meditation for musicians. As much as I love exploring spirituality and different religions, I sucked at meditation. I tried it at home and wound up taking quizzes on Buzzfeed. I listened to peaceful music as a background to discovering what One Direction member I would marry. It was nice, but not helpful. Then I tried group meditation, but I wasn't good at th[...]


Why Pinterest is Great for Musicians

Pinterest is highly popular among the DIY, crafting and organizing scene. As a DIY hobbyist, I've been using Pinterest for a while now. A friend got me into it. We were looking for a pumpkin seed recipe and she showed me that a quick search on Pinterest leads to TONS of recipes, ideas and more. While I've found it very useful for crafts and hobbies, I haven't seen a ton of musicians on it.[...]