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The Sagittarius Musician: How Your Zodiac Sign Impacts Your Music

Sagittarius star sign

Happy birthday, Sagittarius friends! I have a complete list of every Sagittarius musician here, and I wanted to expand on that to discuss what what that really means.  Some people don’t believe in zodiac signs at all, while some people believe every bit of it. I feel like I fall somewhere in the middle, and most people probably do as well. There are SO many factors that can affect your personality, including your childhood, your life circumstances, etc, that it really can’t be all dependent on your zodiac sign. Other people point out that your mai[...]


The Ultimate List of Sagittarius Singers and Songwriters

The epic list of Sagittarius singers and songwriters

We are now in the astrological sign of Sagittarius (a word I literally never spell right). Sagittarius (or Sagittarii, to be plural) are generally known as the biggest travelers of the zodiac signs. They are said to enjoy change and have an open mind. Of course, every person is an individual, and your upbringing and life experiences greatly influence who you become. This is just something fun I like to do (plus, isn't it always interesting to find out what birthdays celebrities have?) If you've been keeping track of my zodiac lists, you'll know how this works.[...]