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Soprano Session Singers: Where to Find Them and How to Become One

How to hire or be a soprano session singer

If you're reading this, you're probably either searching for a session singer or curious about becoming one. I'll start with the question I get frequently: "Are you a soprano session singer?" and my answer is always, "it depends." Let's explore what to ask when hiring a soprano session singer.   What to ask a soprano session singer A soprano is a singer who sings higher notes[...]


Far Away Cover

A cover of Far Away by Nickelback featuring Mella

I have a confession: I don't hate Nickelback. Never have. I even own a song or two. Feel free to click away and hate me if you must, BUT before you go, consider that polarity is what makes people famous. Meaning, your hate for them contributes to their fame as much as their fans' undying love. You think the Kardashians stay famous because everyone loves them? Does Justin Bieber stay popula[...]


Working with Reverb for Vocals

How to use reverb to enhance your vocals

ReverbĀ is a tricky mixing topic. There are multiple plugins, techniques, and endless articles to read about the topic. What is the best way to use Reverb for vocals?   If you came here for one simple answer, I'm sorry to disappoint but it really is a matter of taste. You can find articles that tell you a range to fall within or advice on the best plugins, but these are all[...]