The Ultimate List of Sagittarius Singers and Songwriters

The epic list of Sagittarius singers and songwriters

We are now in the astrological sign of Sagittarius (a word I literally never spell right). Sagittarius (or Sagittarii, to be plural) are generally known as the biggest travelers of the zodiac signs. They are said to enjoy change and have an open mind. Of course, every person is an individual, and your upbringing and life experiences greatly influence who you become. This is just something fun I like to do (plus, isn't it always interesting to find out what birthdays celebrities have?) If you've been keeping track of my zodiac lists, you'll know how this works.[...]


Why All Musicians Need Active Social Media Accounts

Social Media Expert Wendy McCance discusses the importance of social media for musicians

When I first got serious about my business, I knew I would need to dust the cobwebs off of my social media sites. I started them all with great intentions. Then I maybe got a few negative comments or a few unimpressed reviews, and it deflated my willingness to continue. I left my pages up but completely abandoned them. Enter Wendy McCance, the social media expert. We met at a recording studio where she was doing social media and I was an intern, and we met up to talk about my social media and her songwriting goals. Her words of wisdom made me realize just how i[...]


An Exciting (Personal) Update!

Songwriter Mella announces new music to be released soon

I had to put (personal) in the title because I don't want you to think that this is an update that will impact or benefit you in any way. But it might! I sincerely hope it will. As you may know, I do session singing and songwriting full time. It's great and I love it, but it leaves me very little time to work on my own music. I would say that for every 30 songs I do for a client, I do half of one for myself. I usually don't even have time to finish it, and it sits forgotten in a folder for months. In addition to session singing and songwriting, I work with[...]


How to Not Suck as a Music Teacher

As a music teacher, you’re very important to young lives. You're not just helping them with music, you're helping them with most other aspects of their lives. Studies have shown that music education increases understanding in non-musical studies as well. It’s a huge responsibility to have on your shoulders. I could never do it, because I have no patience and kids just are not my thing. However, I’ve been in choir since I was in elementary school, so I’m going to give you a perspective from a student. How to Be a Great Music Teacher Obviously, these are[...]


The Ultimate List of Libra Singers and Songwriters

A list of Libra singers and songwriters

So, I started doing this for Virgo singers/songwriters and thought, why not include all the zodiac signs? So this one I'm purposely posting before the dates start. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to listen to each day's list of artists. See if you find any new favorites! If you do, please tweet me and let me know so we can discuss: If you're a Libra and wondering how it impacts your creativity and music, I have a whole post on that here! Let's get into the list, shall we?     Again I need to say, this is not a comple[...]


The Ultimate List of Virgo Singers and Songwriters

I’m a Virgo (September 18th) and I totally relate to almost every description of my personality. A few highlights: Aren’t “over critical” and “judgmental” the same thing? Is this a case of me being over critical and judgmental? But yes, those are all pretty accurate, for better or worse. I always love seeing what celebrities have my same birthday, so I thought: Why not list and celebrate the amazing singers and songwriters who are fellow Virgos? So, here is a list of artists you should check out this month. I also have a post about how being a Vir[...]


6 Reasons for Songwriters to Hire A Session Singer

Why a pro session singer is better than a great performer for your recording project

I hear this all the time: "Eh, I'll just do it myself, I have a decent voice." "My cousin sings well, everyone tells her she's great, she can do it!" "Why should I pay someone when I can get my neighbor to do it for free?" Well my friends, I have some responses to all of these and more! What is a Session Singer? Let's get the definition down before we go any further. A session singer is someone who is hired to sing on studio projects. They may also be artists, performers or songwriters themselves, but a session singer is someone who is experienced and active[...]


How Whitney Houston Shaped My Career as a Session Singer

Since today is Whitney Houston's birthday, I wanted to pay tribute to her and show how much she has influenced my career. I also made a cover of one of her songs at the end! Whitney Elizabeth Houston. Whitney Houston. Whitney. You guys. Young kids probably don’t remember the gift that was Whitney Houston, but she was to me what Ariana Grande is to you (I love her too, I’m just saying she wasn’t around when I was a kid). #Old I’m not going to give you a long background or biopic on Whitney Houston. There are plenty of articles about that, as well a[...]


Your Throat Chakra and Music

Tips for creatives to align the Throat Chakra using music

Standard beginning: If you missed my post about why I’m writing about these, check that out here. Otherwise, let’s get started! Your Throat Chakra is located in your throat. I know it’s hard to figure that one out, haha. It’s actually throughout that entire area of your body though, and it’s important not to simply focus all of your energy on the throat area for this chakra. That can be tough for singers and musicians, but that’s why this is an important chakra for us to focus on today! The throat chakra is the 5th chakra and is associated with the[...]


My Middle School Horror Story: Talent Show Gone Wrong

When I was in 8th grade, I decided to audition for my school's talent show. I had been singing in my grandparents' church for years already but had never tried in school. A few of my friends suggested I try out because I frequently did impersonations of their favorite singers. I. was. terrified. I did not want to do this. Really, I didn't even like performing. The only reason I timidly added my name to the sign-up sheet was that they pretty much guaranteed that anyone who tried out would get to perform. All of my favorite artists had started performing around t[...]