New Release: Snowcone Remix

Snowcone Remix with Vocals

I am so nervous to share my Snowcone remix with you, but I want to show you the process! I recently took the Deadmau5 MasterClass (you can see the first post here with a list of all further steps). Our assignment was to create our own remix of Snowcone, so I'm going to share it with you here! At the bottom, I'll post some links in case you want to take the MasterClass yourself. Thes[...]


All About Synths: Deadmau5 MasterClass Review Part 3

Top Synth Tips from Deadmau5

These next few lessons are all about synths, so I combined them into one part for a review. I know absolutely zero about synths and never really cared, to be honest, but I'm here to learn! Before we get started, I just need to let you know that this is an affiliate post. That means if you choose to sign up for the class using my link, I'll make a small percentage of your fee. The fee h[...]