solar plexus


Your Solar Plexus Chakra and Music

If you missed my post about why I’m writing about these, check that out here. Otherwise, let’s get started! Your Solar Plexus Chakra is located right under your heart chakra. I used to confuse this one with the Sacral Chakra often. I just remember Sacral as “Second,” which is a weird association but it works for me. The Solar Plexus is the 3rd chakra, sort of in the stomach area[...]


New Mini Blog Series about Music and Chakras

I have a new mini-series about music and chakras coming soon! I’m really excited about this because I get to combine two of my loves: music and Reiki! I’ll be blogging on each chakra and how it relates to music. Why are you doing this? I’m actually a certified Reiki master and I’ve been studying the process for a long time. I mainly work on animals but I’ve been really intere[...]