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Want to Learn How to Be a Session Musician? Work With Me!

Learn How to Be a Professional Session Singer

This project has been on my heart for a long time, and I've done it for a few years on the side. However, I'm excited to announce that you can now get session musician lessons from me! Want to be a session musician or singer? I've been a session musician for years, and hopefully my blog proves it. I love helping people in any way that I can, and one of the questions I'm most frequent[...]


Coloratura Sopranos – How to Hire (or Become) One

  Most clients just ask if I'm a soprano, but I have had a few specifically ask for a coloratura soprano. I want to talk about what one is and how to hire one, or become one if you want! What is a Coloratura Soprano? A Coloratura Soprano is a singer who sings with a lot of runs and riffs, who is also obviously a soprano. It’s more of an opera term, but Mariah Carey and Aria[...]