Music Clients I’ve Fired (and Why I Fired Them)

Tips on When to Fire a Bad Client

In an average day, I usually have 1-5 songs I’m working on. I would say 90% of my clients are great. 5% are just okay, and 5% are awful. This blog will address those bottom 5%, including what went wrong and the outcome. I am of course not going to release any identities or disparage these former clients. My goal here is simply to tell you that 1). Bad clients happen, and 2). How you can use my experiences to handle bad clients when you get them. Songwriters I've Fired The vast majority of my clients are songwriters, but occasionally I'll have a singer wh[...]


The Making of an Album – Martin Jourdan “Prayers and Dreams”

Martin Jourdan's new album "Prayers and Dreams"

It's been a while since I've written about one of my projects! I've been busy over at Tunedly and helping clients finish their songs. I want to take some time to tell you about Martin and his project, "Prayers and Dreams." The Making of Martin Jourdan's "Prayers and Dreams" Martin worked with us at Tunedly and in the beginning, we were a team of four. I was the Project Manager and occasional singer, we had a male singer and a piano player, and Martin was the writer/composer/mastermind. Here is the album on Spotify if you want to play it while you read along![...]


New Blog Feature – Videos!

I'm excited to share this news with you! With the way social media is changing, people seem to be reading blogs less. I can't relate at all, because I love reading and learn best that way. However, I don't want to write blogs exclusively and leave out the people who don't prefer to read. Sooooo, my blogs will now also have a video component to them! This is an example of my post about Toplining: The original blog post is here, and I'll be sure to add videos to the original post as well. The blogs will still have more information in them, but the vi[...]


How I Realized I Wanted to be a Professional Session Singer

One session singer's journey from amateur to pro

I’ve talked about this in interviews before, but I realized I didn’t have it anywhere on my blog. Here’s my background and a little info on why I do what I do (and why I love it)!     Getting Started as a Session Singer Technically, I started session singing when I was around 14. My family is very musical, so I had cousins and uncles who were songwriters and owned recording studios. I started singing for songwriters who wrote their own songs but didn’t want to sing themselves. I was a budding songwriter myself but I was more than happy[...]


New Single: June

New single, June, by The Gatsbys and Mella

June is almost over, but I have a new single about this month that was just released! So, I figured I should put it up before it's July and then this won't make any sense. You can still listen to the song anytime, but you wouldn't release a Christmas/holiday song in January, you know? I actually started writing June in October of last year. Most of your favorite holiday songs are recorded in the summer, so it makes sense to start a summer song in the fall! The Gatsbys hired me to topline (read more about that process here!) and sing it. They brought me the[...]


Toplining – What it is (and Isn’t) and How to Become a Topliner

What is toplining and how to become a topliner

Toplining is a weird music term. Some musicians I've spoken with about songwriting had never heard of it. Others believed that songwriting and toplining were the same thing. I want to talk about exactly what it is and how you can become a topliner in the industry. What is toplining? Toplining is essentially writing a vocal part over a pre-made music bed. It *is* songwriting in the sense that you're writing a crucial part of the song, but it is *not* songwriting in that you're creating a new song from scratch. If someone hires you to do toplining, they've alr[...]