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The Virgo Musician: How Your Zodiac Sign Affects Your Music

Virgo Constellation

IT'S VIRGO SEASON - MY SEASON! All my Virgos, join me as we twirl around in falling leaves while it's still relatively warm out. This post is likely to be biased, but I promise to be as fair as possible. I'm well aware of my (many) flaws and will definitely include those, but I'm also aware of the fact that some (or most) of this is my personality, and not my birthday. On that note, I[...]


The Ultimate List of Virgo Singers and Songwriters

I’m a Virgo (September 18th) and I totally relate to almost every description of my personality. A few highlights: Aren’t “over critical” and “judgmental” the same thing? Is this a case of me being over critical and judgmental? But yes, those are all pretty accurate, for better or worse. I always love seeing what celebrities have my same birthday, so I thought: Why not lis[...]