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Master Your Voice: A Full Review Project

Online Voice Lessons with Ramsey Voice Studio

A while back, I tried an online voice lesson with Matt Ramsey of Ramsey Voice Studio (you can see that here). I really enjoyed it and got great feedback on it. Several people asked if I planned on doing more lessons with him, and the answer is yes! Kind of. Matt graciously invited me to try his Master Your Voice from Ramsey Voice Studio program in exchange for an honest review. I have[...]


4 Things My Favorite Music Teachers Have Taught Me

Here are 4 Things Music Teachers Should Do!

I consider myself a life-long music student. I continue to take classes online and have taken many in-person classes throughout my life. I’ve written about some of the horrible teachers I’ve had (you can read about those here), but today I’d like to shine a light on the incredible music teachers who have helped shape me into who I am today. Music Teacher Appreciation T[...]