10 Worst Foods and Drinks for Singers and Voice Actors

If you're a singer or voice actor, I'm sure you've heard of foods to avoid before a show or performance. There are some foods you should just avoid altogether, but that really depends on you and your body. Removing these before a show will definitely keep your voice in better condition, but try them out when you're not performing and see how you feel with and without them! Everyone has the[...]


Singers on Airplanes: 4 Tips to Keep Your Voice Healthy While Flying

I hate flying. I hate flying more than I hate driving for 18 hours straight (and I hate driving too, so that says a lot). It’s the hustle and anxiety of getting through the TSA line, the overwhelm of the crowds in the airport, and once you reach the end, you’re now in a tin can flying literally tens of thousands of feet in the air. It makes me lightheaded just to think about it. Luck[...]


My Interview with Voices Podcast is Live!

Voice Acting | Session Singer | How To

Voices podcast is an awesome resource for vocalists of all kinds. Alma Cook runs the show and she is not only a great resource for vocalists, she's also an incredible musician herself. Here is the link to our interview: http://www.voicescast.com/how-to-become-a-session-singer/ and I will also put it on my Press Page here. If you're not a podcast person, there is also a cliff no[...]


Working with Reverb for Vocals

How to use reverb to enhance your vocals

Reverb is a tricky mixing topic. There are multiple plugins, techniques, and endless articles to read about the topic. What is the best way to use Reverb for vocals?   If you came here for one simple answer, I'm sorry to disappoint but it really is a matter of taste. You can find articles that tell you a range to fall within or advice on the best plugins, but these are all[...]