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Robyn Crawford’s Book is the Last Piece of the Whitney Houston Puzzle

Robyn Crawford's Book A Song For You Review

We've had pretty much every other family member or friend write a book or op-ed about her. We have multiple documentaries. Aside from her article in Esquire, Robyn Crawford has remained pretty silent. We now have her side of the story. The Story by Robyn Crawford Anyone who's followed my blog here will know I'm a huge, huge Whitney fan. I've got the proof: I wrote about how[...]


Ranking Whitney Houston’s Music Videos from Worst to Best

All of Whitney Houston's Music Videos Ranked from Worst to Best

Yep, I'm doing this again. Deal with it because I Will Always Love Her. I have already written several posts about her, including how she influenced me (see here), all of her songs ranked in order (see here), and a review of her latest documentary (see here). So, I figure the only thing left now is to rank all of her music videos! Then I promise I’ll be done and will move onto a differe[...]