New Release: Love Creates, Love Renews

New release from author Jeremy Dwyer and Mella

We just finished another awesome project for author Jeremy Dwyer. The song is called Love Creates, Love Renews. His new book is titled Potion Voyages Book 3: Dagger & Deception The lyrics were written by Dwyer and he requested an upbeat song with a triumphant feel. Together we worked to craft the end result, which we hope you'll enjoy! You can hear the new song here, but please also go to his website at www.potionvoyages.com and check out the other great things he has available. You can also hear other songs from previous books, including one we worked o[...]


Ballads: Slow Songs That Connect to the Heart

Also known as “slow jams,” ballads were HUGE in the 90s (you kids probably don’t remember them very well but I’m old so take a seat and listen to my wisdom). Lately, as a songwriter, I’ve been told not to write any ballads to pitch anywhere because everyone wants uptempo songs. But like all things, music works in cycles so eventually, we’ll see a return of the ballad. If you're writing a ballad, what are the chances it could be a hit? Let's look at some data for inspiration: Of course, artists still record ballads, but they aren’t singles l[...]


My New Book is About to Be Released!

New book coming soon by Mella Barnes

I have a new book! I’m really excited, but also really nervous, because it is about to come out shortly. It’s only 35 pages but I put a lot of time and effort into it so it’s “my baby” and I’m just nervous to release it to the world. In short, it’s a book about how to communicate with studio musicians. It's called Way Less Cowbell: How to Communicate Your Musical Ideas. A lot of it is based on common miscommunications I’ve had in a studio setting, so it’s tried and true information. I’m just finishing up a few small things and then I’[...]


Nashville Tomorrow

Mella Barnes Session Singer Nashville

In about 12 hours, we’ll be making the all too familiar 10-hour road trip down to Nashville. I have a pro-tip for musicians: When you have an important business meeting coming up, now is not the time to try a new face soap. You might end up with pumpkin sized hives all over your face in complete agony. I plan on Instagramming the inside of the BMI building (it’s gorgeous inside and out) so if I look like I’ve been stung by 300 Africanized bees now you’ll know why. Too bad I can't just put a big transparent square over my face like this, amirite? Wh[...]